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Thread: What the Hell!?????

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    Default What the Hell!?????

    One of my female Kharki Campbell Ducks has the weirdest thing happening to her.
    Last week, I noticed a build up of mud on the end of her beak, I didnt have time to look at it till the weekend, but she was eating and drinking fine.
    Anyway, on the Saturday, I picked her up and inspected it. It was rock solid! I tried loosening it with water but it wasnt getting any looser.
    I had to get a butter knife and slowly pry the 50c coin wide mud off her beak.
    I noticed yesterday, the exact same thing has happened again!
    The exact same type of mud, the exact same place, the exact same size.
    Its so weird, its not happening to my other two ducks, just her.
    I asked one of the vets I work for and he just laughed
    Its not affecting her at all but its really freaking me out.
    I wish my camera was working cause I'd take a photo!
    Thought I'd share..

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    LOL, sounds like she wants a mud pack beauty treatment on her beak

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    LOL, crazy duck! It would be interesting to find out how it is happening

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