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Thread: I Have Been MIA

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    Default I Have Been MIA

    Hi Guys well yes I have been MIA, I have had so muxh happenening its stupid.

    I have had the flu and so flet like crap, seems once you have have it the symptoms come and go as they please

    I have also had some faitly serious problems with my right eye. Seems my sight was failing in that eye, picked up in a routine eye test. Sent to the hospital to eye specialists for countless tests because there was no obvious reason why the vision should be so bad.

    Turns out I have a hole in my macula, have no idea how it got there or why, so in six weeks go back for another round of tests to see if it has gotten bigger, gone away or stayed the smae.

    If it decides to get bigger then I have to have some really seriously nasty yukky surgery so I am hoping that since it seemingly appeared from no where, it will just disappear as well.

    Jarrah is well, she is starting to shed so I am starting the twice day brushing and then collecting the mountains of fur she drops.

    So I will be back more often now, as I am almost over the flu and don;t feel so crappy any more.

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    Glad to here your better,Hope everything goes ok with your eye,

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    Glad you feel better it has been pretty quiet around here lost of people "out" with computer problems and such.

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    Good to have you back J
    Sorry about your eye, Hope it doesn't get worse.

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    So good to hear from you!

    But you do realise you still nead an away from school note
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    Site still in construction so will post link when it's finished.

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    Great to see you back

    Hope your eye heals up ok (you and Misi will have to rest together with you both having eye probs ATM!! lol).

    You should start stuffing a pillow and doona with Jarrah's fur!! lol
    Have you seen a website where ppl make clothes out of their dogs fur!!!!

    See you about the forum

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    Ewww - eye surgery...

    Good to have you back. I hope your pesky macula hole disappears as mysteriously as it arrived!

    If Jarrah's coat is driving you nuts, get her a wash and blow dry at a grooming place (cash pending of course!). A force-dryer will blow out a stack of her coat, and they can clean it up - not you!!

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