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Thread: Rescue animal stories

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    I am sure I have posted Gypsy's story on here before but will share it again.

    I got a call from my ex's Mum saying that a kelpie had been found wandering, could I pick it up and organise for it to go into rescue. When I met Gypsy she was skinny, skittish and clearly abused. The pads on her feet were blistered and bleeding, she had sad eyes and to this day is still scared of a lot of things.
    She came home with me and even though she was so scared of everyone and everything, she jumped up on the couch, curled up in a ball and fell asleep. I knew right then and there she wasnt going anywhere.

    I also have a rescued cat called Ebony. She was free to good home from a local vet as she was dumped on their door step in a box with her littermates.

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    That photo, Clarebear, is beautiful. The one sadness, well, actually, I have a lot of sadnesses, but I really regret I had no photo's of any of my rescues, or my own dogs. I wanted a camera, but if I had to choose between a camera, or baling out another rescue, or paying a vet bill... still can't take a photo...

    I do have a photo, actually, of my little Harriet, (small Norfolk terrier X), cleaning the face of a little rescued kitten, about 3 weeks old, but can't upload it.
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    My heart gets really heavy and eye's a bit blury when i try to talk or type about Scooby.

    I met Scoob in a dirty concrete pen at the pound. His little 6 week old tail wagging that hard his bum wiggled side to side. His little sister was a happy soul too but i could only take one.

    The sign said Ridgeback cross Rotwieller (which he wasnt !! Ridgey x Staffy more like it). It could have said poodle cross koala for all i cared. I knew he was my dog.

    He came home with me on the passenger seat in a cardboard box. A lot more comfy than that dam cell he called home for a few weeks.
    He had a restless first night but soon settled in well. I even took him to work with me.

    A few days later the diarreha set in the he went of his food, then refused to drink. The vet's words hit me like a hammer between the eyes.
    "Parvo. The little fellas got parvo and it's going to be a huge battle for him to survive this !"

    The battle started there and then. He spent the first couple of days at the vets and i visited as often as i could. It was touch and go and i couldnt concentrate on anything else. I'm not a religious person at all, but i even prayed that if someone was litening, could they help my little puppy who's had the worst start to life. Dumped, desexed and now diseased. All in the first 6 weeks of life. WOW......if he lives through this i promise to spoil him for the rest of his life.

    My vet was a CHAMPION. He was determined to win even though he coudnt promise me a win he tried his best. Opening every morning early so i could go in and help him force feed Scoob through a pipe we put down his throat right into his stomach. I'll never forget watching Scoob use the little energy he had to resist the pipe. Gargling and choking on it as he struggled in my arms. He would just give in as the food was injected down the pipe. Not a nice sight or memory.

    As the days went on he slowly got stronger and stronger. He fought off that bloody disease. Kicked it's arse infact !! We both owed the vet his life.

    I still dont believe in god but i kept my promise to whoever listened to me that day i asked for help and spoilt my puppy everyday for the next 14 YEARS !!!

    He was the perfect dog. A true mate. Everday. My life changed so much while he was with me. Diffrent girlfriends came and went. I moved out of home and he came with me. A wife and then 2 babies came along a few years apart. He was perfect with them. Never showed any jealousy or looked as though he was 2nd best to them. He wasnt. He was still my best mate the whole time.

    My daughter was just learning to talk. She couldnt say 'Scooby' but could spit out 'Gooby'. It stuck like glue from then on everyone at home called him 'Goobys' or 'Goobs' or just palin old 'Scoob'. 14 years of puppy love and mateship. It was awsome.

    Nearly a year ago to the day my worst fear came true and after a serious illness he left me. His ashes are still in my room and i cant bring myself to even look at them let alone spread them.

    Miss ya mate. Always will.

    So thats my 'rescue story'. It was a hell of a ride.

    Here is Emily and her 'Gooby's'.

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    eyeballs leaking over here.... big love to Scooby in Heaven xxx

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    How is this story I found in the paper a while ago ! A rescue going both ways !

    2012-05-07 12-52-10_0211.jpg

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    Sean, it's too early to have me crying. I've even got a nose run. It would be hard for anyone with a heart not to opt for a rescue dog, after reading all these... but I love these stories and I'm addicted. What a gentle, sweet natured face he has - HAD, and clearly, it was a window to his soul. I'm an atheist, myself. I wouldn't want anything to do with a God that allowed the suffering all around the world and had the power to stop it. If I am wrong, he's going to get SUCH a verbal bollocking from me, and I may well end up swinging punches, tho I'm one of those feeble middle class types, that can't even think how it's done. With any luck, I'd have an overnight bag and I'd be able to batter him around the ears, like a Monty Python Skit.

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