I haven't posted here in a while.
Figure I should update everyone
Mikey is now 6 and a half months old and as cheeky as ever.
Completely house broken.
He's gotten a habit of choosing which room he wants to sleep in.
He'll sit outside the door and wait for us to let him in lol Truly one of the family.
Only problem is he takes up the whole bed, and snorts if we move him XD

Another thing Mikey does is sit outside the bathroom door if one of us goes to the toilet or has a shower.
He seems to thing the evil water machine is going to eat us :P
He also finds dubstep....interesting.

Whenever I open a video for a dubstep song or some other weird sounding video, he always comes and investigates it.
Mikey being headtilty - YouTube

Mikey also...loves tv...
Like, he'll sit and watch with me for hours

He's a brilliant dog, loves to dress up :P
Loves to be around us, loves walks, loves water, loves strangers.
Overall, a very loving dog.
Couldn't be happier with any other dog!