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    oh that would be a shame (no offence lol)

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    lala, are you talking about it being shame if the little white head one didn't get flecks. it would be a bit, but crap happens lol

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    Aw they are adorable! What a super mum she is

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    Gorgeous bebes!

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    thanks guys they are gorgeous hey. we actaly named them all today.

    So here are the gang (will add pics one day, with their names);
    Mick-he looks like a mouse
    Macey- it just suits her
    Leroy- it's cute and so is he
    Champ- he looks like his dad, whos name is Ace, and he is small (always pictured a pup with the name champ to be small.
    Kara- it is pretty, but tough at the same time, just like her.
    Clancy- its cute like him and he looks like a clancy
    Tonka- tonka truck, as he is the biggest pup there
    Tank- he is the second biggest pup and he has big legs
    Kleier- the man who gave us sally, his last name is Kleier and the pup looks like sally

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nia_Curran View Post
    lala, are you talking about it being shame if the little white head one didn't get flecks. it would be a bit, but crap happens lol

    No, I meant it would be a shame if he did get flecks LOL

    I like white heads.

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    Hehehe, just love their names, especially Tonka and Tank, two tiny pups with such tough names How adorable!!

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    yea i think the name are good. Kleier is the little fella with the white head

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    Okay, so the babies are now 2 weeks and 4 days old and they are just beautiful. they now have to eyes open and most of them can walk pretty well. Sally's doing great. she is one of the best mums. if all goes well in the next few days (when they are 3 weeks old) i may let them meet some of their Aunties and uncles and the one and the only , their daddy! it would be a bit crazy if they meet them all 8 of them at once, so we will start with Goldie, and most likely end with Dotti, cause she is a bit crazy. lol

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    This is Kara. Well Kara catches everyone's eyes with her beautiful little face. She is a lazy little one, but is slowly getting more active. She is a little diva and must get what she wants, when she wants it. She loves it when you roll her on her back and wiggle her around, she gets there and bites your hand. It looks like Kara will b the one without fleckes.


    This is Tonka. His name says it all, he is the big boy of the family. He loves his food and is kinda active, just when it suits him lol. He looks like he will have flecks on him. He loves a good pat, as do the others. He might be the big fella, but his little siblings can still bash him lol. He is defiantly knows he has a voice, he is always bark and growling at the other puppies.


    This is Tank. Tank was one of the biggest, but is now one of the smallest. He loves people. He always comes to the front of the cage to see you and get a pat then he is off to explore. he loves his exploring. Even though he is small, he is most likely the boos of the gang. He walks up to the other puppies and barks, so they run away. lol He looks as if he will get flecks.


    This is Champ. He is a little cutie. He also loves to explore lately and is quite active too. He loves to cuddle and is one of the smallest in the group. I don't know weather or not Champ will get flecks, he looks as if he will, but at the same time it looks as if he won't. His name does suit him, as he is a little champion lol.


    This is Clansey. He is the first one to do everything. Open his eyes, walk and get teeth. He is a very long pup, who is active and has a voice on him. he looks like he may not get flecks, kinda like Champ. Champ and him look the same but Champ has more white. he also loves a good pat and explores a bit too.


    This is Kleier. He is most definitely going to get flecks, other than the ones he already has lol. He is also starting to get more active and less lazy. He was ones of the smallest puppies, but is now one of the largest. He has the cutest, blue eye and he also catches everyone's eye because of his white head and his flecks. he is much like his mum in looks.


    This is Leroy. He is a little cutie, who is just starting to come out of his shell. He is a big boy, who hardly ever barks and who was once lazy, but is getting more active. he loves a pat and hi and Kara always snuggle together. He will get flecked by the look of things. He also loves to drink water. I had a dish of water sitting next to Sally while she was feeding the babies and i look over at it and there is Leroy just drinking away, happy as Larry.


    This is Mick. He got his name as he looks a bit like a mouse. he will also get flecked i am thinking. He was a small puppy at the start, but is now quite large. He also is active when he wants to be. He loves to sit in my lap and sleep.


    This is Macey. Both her and Mick were the runts at the start, but are now huge. She is very loud and loves to fight with her brothers and sister, no matter how much bigger they are. She also loves to a good pat and once you have started to pat her she climbs it your lad and sleeps. She is going to also get flecks.


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