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    Don't know, we only got her a bit ago, just know she has had at least one. this is her first one with us!

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    I could feel the puppy's moving this morning, will try and get some good pics today. i can also get a bit of milk out of her nipples, is this normal for a dog who is due in 13 days?

    Thanks Nia

    Oh and for those who are interested here are some pictures of the puppies father, Ace.
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    Oh and also i wormed her and all of are other dogs today, so lets hope that will clean out the puppies of any worms!

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    He's nice looking to, gorgeous eyes.
    You said they'd be cattle dogs right? Any photos of the parents in action?
    Curiousity and such

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    no sorry, i'll have to get a few one day and i'll put them up for you. His eyes get really big when you taking photos cause he is scared of the camera lol he is just a bit cute
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    Here are some pictures taken today of Sally and her big fat belly, lets hope she doesn't here i said that! Anyway it was a bit of a struggles to get, but i finely got a good picture of her tummy. It shows how fat she is, do you think she is fatter compared to any normal 8 week pregnant dog? also you guys should have a guess when she will have the puppies (shes due on the 18th of November) and how many puppies she will have, as i would just like to have a bit of fun with this forum that is all.

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    sorry here are the pictures! most of them are of her and her belly, but there is one of her whelping box, once she has had the puppies i will put blankets in there, do you think newspaper will be ok for her to whelp with. Its just that it will get to messy if she has blankets and the puppies may get stuck under it. It is also quite hot her. Also now that i have good pics you guys can guess the date she will whelp and how many she will have, just for fun! she is due on the 18/11/11.

    12 more days! lets hope she goes on time.
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    Poor girl, pups might have some trouble with those enlarged teats, they are very saggy, looks like she's definitely had a litter (or 10) before.

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    they do look quite bad in the photos, but in real life there is only two that are really bad.

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    Do a bit of research on how to bottle feed just to be sure, odds are they will latch on fine but it doesn't hurt to be prepared, she has quite a few in there by the looks of it, I will guess 8.

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