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    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums I have a 12 month old female GSD named Ellie. Just trying to make conversation, I'd love to hear from anyone who has a good story about their dog, particularly a GSD! (Hope Im posting in the right place...)

    As for Ellie, shes worked out if I wash the car she can put her toys in the bucket of water and I'll get frustrated and throw them out. Then she gets to play fetch! I stopped doing this but I think shes got a win-win situation going as if I ignore this, she gets to play with water and try to get them out.

    When she was a puppy she use to poo on the foot path if you told her off for doing the wrong thing. She was toilet trained so she new better. She still does the whole sulking thing but now instead of pooing on the foot path, she doesnt let whoever told her off give her a pat lol.

    Im pretty sure dogs can understand people too, either that or its a coincidence but on three seperate occassions she has put her toys in the vegetable garden, and each time I tell her to remove them she does. I dont know if its just good timing but she takes them all out, one after the other and puts them in a pile next to the garden. Anyone who says "dogs are just pets" is completely wrong. The breeder told me GSDs were smart... I didnt think she'd be this cluey. I think its a good thing though! Makes her easy to train.

    The other day she came inside, climbed on the lounge and watched TV with me. I thought she was adorable with her ears pricked up, paying attention to the TV.

    Shes naughty too though, she opens doors and gets into places where she knows she shouldnt be. She digs holes, chases the chooks, pulls out plants etc. I guess thats part of having a dog!

    As I said, Im new and just trying to start a conversation. I'd love to hear all your stories!

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    Hi Obnoticus
    I have a GSD too. He's a seek and rescue dog it appears. He has 'found' 2 injured animals, and assisted in getting them to safety.
    scenario 1. A little duckling was trapped in chicken wire near a damn. Bernie was up ahead, doing that mad circling behaviour, looking at me as if to say hurry up! When i got there, saw the trapped duckling, released it, Bernie saw it safely into the water with its other siblings and mum, then came strutting back to me all clever and proud.
    scenario 2. On a walk in the wetlands, again, he's up ahead, circling madly, i went to investigate, it was a poor samayoed stuck down a water drain hole. Too tired to get out. covered in feaces, in a real mess. I got the dog out, put Bernie's lead on the samayoed, then took him home with us, walking slowly. Bernie then took care of his new mate all day, till the RSPCA van came to collect that night. And, when the woman arrived, one of the dogs in the back had the runs, and the van stunk. Bernie allowed all these stray dogs into his home, whilst we hosed the van, and had a nice cuppa.

    Recently camping, my 3 yr old niece, who has more energy than sensitivity, kept trampling all over his paws. Again and again she hurt my dog Bernie. He'd moan and move each time, or get up real gentle so as not to knock her over, and walk off.

    I love GSD's. So smart, so devoted, such great companions. He's a family dog, but isnt it great when you know you are the most special friend, according to a GSD.

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    Aw what a sweet dog Bernie is Bernie! Last duckling we had caught in the fence the dogs thought it was a toy. The fact that they didn't come back then called though alerted me to the fact someone was wrong so I went and saved the duckling and took it to the vet as its leg and wings were injured.

    Bella is out little sneaky smart ass. Normally when we wash cars she will steal the sponge or car wash stuff and run away - you can never ever catch her though! She does that with most things, but I have tricked on to it now and don't give her the chance! She has also started listening to me so sometimes I can get her to drop it! She also does it with the OH's tools when he is working in the shed or on cars as well!

    She loves to bring everything inside, toys, bones, dead things with her toys and bones all I have to do is go "Take it out" and she will go and put it down outside and come back!

    Harley is a little more sane than her, he isn't so daring and all I have to do is growl at him and he listens to what I say. He loves to steal Bella's things (and she only likes his toys when he wants them too). I gave them a rawhide bone each yesterday before I left. Harley must of scoffed his down and Bella always seems to save her things so she was still eating it last night, he would go and take it off of her and then walk really fast so she could never catch up.

    They are pretty smart, probably to smart for their own good I would say!

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    Not so great gaurd dog Bernie.
    Allows complete strangers to lean into our garden to stroke the pup. bernie's worried she's getting more attention, so goes all silly and wriggly, as that's what gets her attention, he is now mimicking this wriggly tail wagging behaviour.
    Very un GSD like, and a little wooden in the moveement, but effective for extracting treats from strangers!

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