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Thread: Anyone Have a Dog with Strange Tastes?

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    There are a whole lot of things people often feed dogs but are actually quite bad for them.

    I think in small quantities they can be ok - won't kill the dog - but if its a regular thing, can cause all sorts of problems.

    It is a challenge explaining to my dog that she can't have date and walnut slice - cos of the walnuts, or anzac slice - cos of the raisins, and never mind the sugar that isn't great either.

    We had one dog that ate quite a few grapes, sultanas and used to pick cherry tomatos off the bush and eat them... not good. She also managed to eat half a football of easter egg and chocolate truffles cos someone was dumb enough to hide their stash where she could find it. I'm sure she would have eaten all of it if she hadn't started upchucking everywhere... and given the game away. Probably saved her life. After that we got her some "dog chocolates" made out of carob. And occasionally used to trick guests into eating some of those. Carob bleah. Dog liked them.

    Onions - especially raw onions are another no no. I won't cos the farts are unbelievable - paint stripper. But too much raw onion can kill a dog. Like 3 whole onions - but the amount can be less for smaller dogs.

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    My cat has some weird behaviours.. or maybe he's just too smart for his own good. He really likes drawers, he figured out how to open them when we got our new coffee table, and it amused him for ages, he'd open a drawer, climb in, climb over the back of the drawer into the one on the other side and pop out of that one. Now he just opens them for the hell of it, quite often I'll come out to make a tea in the morning and all the kitchen drawers will be open. Same with cupboards, he opens the wardrobe doors(we've had to tape them shut), laundry cupboard, pantry, he's figuring out the kitchen cupboards.. I watched him the other day, grab it with his paw from underneath, then poke his head in the gap to stop it closing, but then he'd pull his head out as it closed on him, but he's nearly figured it out! He also likes drinking from the sink, he'll sit there and wait for you to put the plug in and run the tap so he can drink.

    My puppy loves poop, particularly bird poop.. which is great(not!) because I have a few ducks and they poop everywhere, so he just gorges himself, it's gross! Thankfully he hasn't really had much opportunity to discover other weird things to eat.

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