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Thread: My Dogs and My Mum Were Being Assulted by a Ticket Inspector, What Should I Do?

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    Default My Dogs and My Mum Were Being Assulted by a Ticket Inspector, What Should I Do?

    A car parking inspector assaulted my mum and my two Maltese with his metal stick!

    Yesterday (Saturday) afternoon, my mum together with me and my two terrier Maltese were having our afternoon tea at the outdoor seating of a local café restaurant. My two little 35cm tall Maltese were on short leach (around less than 1m) to the arm of my mum’s chair when car parking inspector approached my mum from behind. My dog barked at him as he approached them very close (less than 50cm).

    He was abusive verbally as well as physically by extending and raising his metal stick (with a chalk holder) at my mum who's holding the two dogs. The said, "I will beat you to death" while raising his metal stick towards my mum and my two dogs. My mum (who is over 60-years-old) and my two little dogs were so frightened, that they were shaking. There are so many pedestrians and customers from neighboring restaurants saw it and asked him to stop. All people rushed to our table and asked him to stop. He then stopped yelling at us and lowered his metal stick.

    Then he lied that he was bitten by my black dog. A helpful couple who saw what has happened asked him to show us his wound if there is any. But the car parking inspector refused to do so. Everyone is angry and ask him what he wants from us. Everyone started taking picture of him using their mobile.

    He saw that there are more and more people leaving volunteered to be witnesses of this assult. He then made some phone calls looking for someone to back him up. A female ticket inspector turned up 5 minutes later and told us that they will to put our two dogs down! She asked for my name (not the victim - my mum’s name). 10 minutes later a police patrol car turned up. The female ticket car parking inspector immediately approached the patrol car and said they’ve got our details and ask the patrol car to leave. I have tried to talk to the police sitting in the car and pass all the witnesses contact name and numbers. The police told me that, “we don’t have time for it”. He left immediately.

    It is very suspicious that the female car parking inspector is trying to cover up what has happened and asked the police to leave immediately.

    My mum is still frightened until today. What should I do? Should I take this case further? We are worried because the car parking inspectors work for local council, they may have access to our address and personal details. My mum and my two dogs are alone at home during day time.

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    You should report the whole thing to police yourself. I don't see how the council workers have your address from your name alone.

    You should also write everything you remember about the incident - times, dates, places and names and contact phone numbers for any witnesses you might have including cafe staff?

    Police should have time for an assault case. The female council worker did not see anything so she can't be a witness and she can't authorise for your dogs to be put down either. But if you want to put in a formal complaint with the relevant council they will want your name and address and contact details. This information should not be given to the parking inspectors involved though.

    Maltese do not come in black and they are not terriers.

    They are notoriously noisy and aggressive and will lunge at and bite strangers if they have not been trained to behave politely instead.

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    The cafe may even have the whole thing caught on security camera, maybe ?
    I wouldnt worry to much. He sounds like a real tosser, i think its a requirment to become a parking inspector.

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    You call the police and make a report. Today.
    If you find yourself going through hell; Don't stay. Just keep on going.

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    Yes, you should report the assault directly to the police. They will also know which police officer was in the area at the time and refused to take the details. Surely police are not allowed to ignore allegations of harm to persons such as assault?

    Best not to call a small black dog a Maltese - they only come in pure white. Or did you mean terrier x Maltese?
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