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Thread: When They Try So Very Hard

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    Default When They Try So Very Hard

    Don't you love it when your dog visibly tries so very, very hard to be good?

    With my new dog it's mainly around being calm. I have taught her not to lick/bite/scratch/stand on me in bed before I say "Good morning Banjo!" because she used to wake me up like that at 6am before.

    So this mornig I woke up early and when I opened one eye, I saw Banjoy sitting beside me with her face very close to mine, licking the air because she was trying to be so good and not make any contact with me. I had to try hard not to laugh. I waited till she lay down again before I greeted her and invited her over for cuddles.

    So cute!

    What are the things that your dog has to try very hard for?
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    Harley always tries very hard to be gentle when he is taking food from your hand. He use to snatch and would get my fingers... but now if you say "Gentle" before taking it, he slowly sticks his tongue out and carefully takes the food from your hand without making any sudden movements and once its out of your hands, gobbles it down!

    Lol that's cute what Banjo does though!

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    Another good one is the almost sit.
    When they are so excited they just cant quite sit cos the tail is goin to crazy

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    Oh Beloz that sounds so cute

    I know about the half sit, they hover just above the ground.

    When Ruby is sent to her bed, for whatever reason, she will slowly creep off it but keep the smallest amount of her bum on it. She stares you down with this sad look on her face until you call her over.

    OH gets the shits because he says that I should make her get ON the bed but I just cant help that georgeous looking face!!

    She tries thou

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    haha my staffy pup is learning not to jump at the moment and when he gets excited he does these little hops on the spot without touching me its gorgeous.

    and then my husky, she is the cheekiest dog. she knows I don't like her begging but my mother gives into her a little too often. so she sits about .5m away from me and just stares and when I look at her she will glance to my plate then back at my face like ... please mum, oh go on, pleeeeeaasssseeeee
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    Stays.......Katy is an awesome dog at heeling, but she is only just learning that she cannot always follow my hand and has to "stay" behind sometimes. It is the one thing i have found wrong with using "touch" so much, they want to follow the hand, but we are getting there. Katy really wants to please and tries hard
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