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    There this jack Russel an i guess his the last dog standing in my street.

    There was 4 dogs, My dog, My dog's girlfriend, the horrible dog, and this black dog.

    They were all small toy dogs.
    Anyways once i walk outside and I saw the horrible dog, why I call him that because he always come to my house and pisses or takes his crap here.

    There a power point pole in front of my house. Once that horrible dog was there marking his territory, I came out of my house and told the dog to 'piss off, f off or go away either piss off or f off. He noticed me yelling at him/her. It then took a crap where it was pissing and then ran off. Now that was funny but pretty dirty, I guess he knew that he pissed me off for taking a crap. Maybe he was taunting me too. Never know.

    Well I don't see him anymore.. my dog's gf (well thats what my little brother says) she died by having some sort of cancer. The black dog vanished and haven't seen it in awhile.

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    I hate dogs that poo in general, and wee! How dare they.. Grrr Oh and ones that bark and eat! So annoying Grr

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    It's not the dogs fault. The owner shouldn't be allowing his dog to roam free in the street. I would be complaining to them and threatening to report them to the ranger.

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