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    Default Blocked Drain!

    Was cooking dinner last night and was finishing washing some dishes when i pulled out the plug to empty the sink. Nothing happened! The sink stayed full even though there was no plug in it.
    Lately the water had been taking a while to drain out and i just thought it was a bit blocked from when i've been too lazy to get rid of any leftover food on the plates before washing them and instead just trying to shove it down the drain (naughty, i know!). So naturally i pulled out the elbow pipe underneath the sink and checked it. Nothing in it though.
    So last night when it was completely blocked i knew it wasn't the inside pipe. So i went to look at the outside drain. This one doesn't have a cover because our first boy Mack pulled it off and shredded it into a million pieces!
    Anyway, had a look, and yep! it's was blocked! Got the broom handle and shoved it down. Flying out comes a feral looking black (was supposed to be green!) tennis ball! Then Monster comes running up and looks at me as if to say "thanx mum, i was wondering where that got to!", grabs the disgusting smelling/looking ball and runs off!
    Whoosh! All the water drained out in 2 seconds! Problem solved!
    Better go get a new grate to cover that drain!

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    Hahaha awwww!

    While you were probably like this :

    Monster would have been like :
    <a href= target=_blank></a>

    If I Just Lay Here, Would You Lay With Me And Just Forget The World?

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    Ah gross... funny how gross thigs are the best to dogs tho LOL

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    Forgot to mention that when the tennis ball came out, there was something very sus looking attatched to it. Monster didn't even bother sniffing it before gobbling it up. Yuck! No idea what it was! No kisses from him for a while i think!

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