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    so as a little kid we all played tiggy at some stage. one person is it and has to 'tag' the next person who then becomes it and so on. well my dogs have taken to playing this game not too.

    Boof is my 4-5 year old rotti and roxy is my 7 month old kelpie x.

    Roxy ofcourse has so much energy and runs rings around boof but he gets her back when it is his turn to be it. as roxy runs past him showing off her speed he grabs her by her very long tail then turns and runs like hell lol. he grabs her at the base of the tail and only pulls enough to stop her for a second. it is the cutest thing to watch.

    I'm trying to film it but they are too fast for me lol

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    Loved it miua sosoooooo cute

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