At last Rowan has had his little operation and is starting to leave Rose alone also we have had reasonably good weather and the pair of them have been able to go outside and play thank heavans. Unfortunately we have another problem and we have to be very careful to check everywhere for those wretched cane toads, had an encounter with one the other night luckily Rowan was on a lead and I saw it in time. When I had an older dog a year ago he got hold of a toad in his mouth and we had an awful time rinsing out his mouth etc.

Thank you to all those who responded to my last little story I will ask my daughter to see if she can put a newer photo on site when she is available.
The puppies have to go to a motel shortly as I have to go to Brisbane to see a specialist and that is going to be the hardest few days separation just hope the people will care for them properly.