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    I had a Rottweiler living accross the road from me that was always on the loose and showed signs of protective aggression such as barking at strangers and other dogs etc.

    Naturally I wasn't very impressed with the owners negligence or with his attitude to the situation.
    I'd complained to council several times but the dog was never out when they came, so nothing was ever done about it.

    I had several occasions where I'd come home late at night and surprised the dog in my back yard and the only way for him to get out was to go past me, it was not an ideal situation.

    After talking to owner with no change I decided to take the matter in my own hands.

    I got a small bell and when he was in my yard I'd ring the bell and drop a treat for him (pavlonian conditioning) after a few days he was starting to come the sound of the bell and about two weeks later he started camping out on my veranda in preference to his own house.
    I started to add a bit of basic training such as sit, stay, shake hands and he learned very fast - he was an intelligent dog, even more intelligent than I'd expected.
    I then taught him food refusal - only very basic not like a police or military dog, where I could make him hold out until I gave him the OK to eat.

    After a few weeks of training he associated my yard as his patch and whenever someone came prowling at night ( which happened too often where I lived) he would turn up and scare them off.

    In the end if the owner called him he would just stay with me and ignore the owner, I think he saw me as his pack leader and the owner as another dog.
    After a few failed attempts to get him to come when called the owner dragged him home and started to lock him up from that point.
    I tested him one time to see if would escape when I called him and he did, but I let it go a that, I'd made my point by then.

    If you let a dog roam free it's loyalty lies with any Bozo with a bit of food.

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    Thats awesome!

    The only thing is, I hope the dog is banished to the chain now for 20 hours a day...
    Education not Legislation

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    I did gain my maltesse x bitch just like this really. Her owner would not keep her home & she soon learnt my house was much better fun, not to mention the food. At her place she just ate what she could find & followed the toddlers around hoping for dropped food. She was also wormy,covered in fleas & her coat was so thin & totally bare in some spots. Ling was only a 4mth pup & was already looking terrible so when she started to hang around I washed her & treated her parisites.
    Her owner started to say oh she's looking so good theses days I think it's the oil she's been getting, yeh right. I asked if I could have her but apparently they would be heartbroken without her yet some days they didn't even know she wasn't there.
    Anyway fate stepped in & Ling got hurt & needed a vet so I said look I will pay for the vet if you sign her over to me. Quick as Jack Flash those papers where signed.
    Sad part they went out next day & got a new puppy who not even a week later it was run over & died.

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    That's a funny story BundyBear :P It's a pity that they dog couldn't stay with you as obviously he lacked the necessary training and love from his owner and found it with you. I too hope that the owner doesn't chain him up now out of spite though :S

    That's really sad CrazyDog. I really hate when some owners are so irresponsible that they let their dogs roam free whenever they like (just waiting for an accident to happen). I'd love to dognap the cute little dog down the street which always goes for wanders up the street (the owners leave her unnattended in the front yard some days and they don't have gates) but she doesn't seem to like me much. First time I found her she growled at me when I tried to take a look at her id tag. I think I should drop an anonymous letter in their mail box telling them that if they don't keep her secured that she's going to be hit by a car one day (we live on a busy road and 2 main roads are very close by).

    I'm glad that you at least managed to save Ling from them crazydog. I'm sure she appreciates it

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    Quote Originally Posted by aussiemyf7 View Post

    Thats awesome!

    The only thing is, I hope the dog is banished to the chain now for 20 hours a day...
    I've been back to the old house since I moved almost 2 years ago and his owner is quite happy to let him roam again now that I'm gone.

    @ Crazydog That sort of thing really gets to me, many people see dogs as a commodity and treat them with the according disdain.
    I know people who've had 14 dogs in less than ten years, they have never been trained and they always get sick of them when they get past the cute and fluffy stage.
    They use excuses like "it was stupid" or other "he kept digging holes" when asked why they got rid of the last dog, it's pathetic and I really can't respect people like that - It's a major character flaw in my view.
    It's good to see Ling found a good home.

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    Here is a pic of Ling not great pic but it's her. She is my bed buddy & her & Milly the poodle sqauble about who gets to sit with me, lol.......
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    If I find a dog that is roaming the streets with no owner in sight, if it's friendly, I put it in my yard and call the council. At that point we try to get the owners to come get it - if there are contact details or rego info that provides contact details. I'd take it home if owner or council gives me details - one time I found a dog that had been touring the neighbourhood and stopped at one particular house which was confirmed as his home so I shut him inside, though bizarrely the back door was still open - I just shut a few gates I didn't go inside.

    But if someone was allowing their dog to roam on a regular basis, I'd be putting dog in my yard and calling council every time - so they'd get fined.

    But in this dog's case - damned if you do and damned if you don't cos the owner clearly didn't care. Ie if it ends up at the pound it's going to be PTS eventually or it stays with the owner sort of, and gets hit by a car or suffers from neglect. Which is best for the dog? It would be very tempting - if the dog was not microchipped - to rehome it.

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