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    Arrow Sad News and Good News

    Well my story goes back to last when I had my pet dog. She was a Jack Russell cross Foxy. Her name was Daisy. Well how can I start this. Well when I came home from school I was playing with my dog Daisy and once we finish playin 10 mins later she started limping so we bandged it up and let her stay inside.

    A week later her foot got better buut she kept vomiting and she would not drink water, we were really worried so we took her to her vet docter. The vet said we should see how she is in a week, she vet kept saying she was a sick dog I didn't believe that I thought she was so healthy.

    She didn't get better so we took her back. The vet wanted us to go to Lort Smith animal hospetial to see what was wrong with her. So we took her there they wanted her to stay over a night they were going to run a few tests.

    A day later they rang us up and said they need her there for another night there was something wrong with her liver. Then the next day they they rang and said she had cancer in the liver =[. I was sooooooo upset. And it was a day before we were moving house. That night we had to go Lort smith and say good-bye to her because they needed to put her down she was in a lot of pain.

    So now we have moved house and we were loking for a dog. This time we wanted a Border Collie well me and my mum did my 2 borthers and my dad didnt. But we saw the cutest Border Collie on the internet and we all agreed do get her and we jjust got her a week ago and she is 7 weeks old and we called her Zoey.

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    Im sorry for your loss.
    I hope you're prepared for a BC, they take ALOT of energy and time.
    Education not Legislation

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