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Thread: Your Doggy History!

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    Smile Your Doggy History!

    Hi there everyone

    Just curious to know what different types of dogs you have owned through out the years, or if you have always stuck to a certain breed! Share your stories

    When I was born there was already a family dog. His name was Jake, he was 2 yo, and he was a German Shepherd x Kelpie. He was so protective of me when I was little, if I fell over and hurt myself he would bark and howl until Mum came out! And he also saved our neighbours boat from being stolen! Believe it or not, he jumped the 6 foot fence and barked and growled (but didn't attack) the intruder until the neighbours came out! Sadly, when he was 12 and I was in year 6, he got severely bloated and bad arthirtis and we had to get him put down

    Then when I was in year 7 Mum surprised me with an 8 week old Jack Russell! She was adorable, and so tiny! We named her Lucy She would always love to snuggle up under blankets and try and get my basketball in her mouth! But she would always eat the fish out of our pond

    When Lucy was 5 we got another pup, an Alaskan Malamute x Husky, a beautiful female and named her Elka. She was huge, even at 12 weeks! She was very emotionally attached to me and would scream her little lungs out until I got home!

    Sadly, in 2007 (as some of you may have seen) they were both killed by a Tiger Snake

    THEN about a month later we got a new little pup and named him Axle! He is a Blue Cattle Dog, and you won't meet a bigger sook anywhere else! He was almost all white when we first got him, but now he looks like someone has tipped salt and pepper all over him! And he has a few tanned spots here and there He is a lazy dog who loves a belly rub whilst watching the Today Show! Axle will be 3 this year!

    Not long after that my brother bought a pup, a little male, and he is a Kelpie x Border Collie and we named him Oscar He is adorable, and he will be 3 this year as well! His is a bit of a singer, and loves to have a howl for no apparent reason!

    And finally, my step brother who lives with us bought a Boxer, who is just over the age of 1, and he is beautiful! He is very playful and is always looking for an excuse to be cuddled! He even tries to tempt Axle & Oscar to play when they are sleeping, by gently tugging on their ears and tails haha! But if Axle and Oscar get angry, watch out Saxon!

    So thats my Doggy History! Whats yours!?

    (ha, my fingers are exhausted frorm typing!)
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    When I was born we had a labrador called Sandy...that was when we lived on a remote cattle station in the NT..when we came to back to Brisbane...she stayed on the station with the other ppl.

    Then mum bought a corgi x dashound from the RSPCA...he lived till about 16 when he had a stroke and was PTS

    When I was 17 I moved out of home and I got Jess...a cattle x kelpie from the RSPCA...she was my loyal companion and won heaps of trophies and ribbons doing agility and obedience trials.

    When Jess was 8, we got Falcon ,our little chihauhau x mini foxy to keep Jess company while I was busy with the babies!

    Jess died @14...she got middle ear infection...recovered, then 2 weeks later she had a stroke and couldn't walk anymore...she was PTS

    In December last yr...I decided it was time to get back into obedience and other dog after doing my research...I decided on the Bull Arab breed...and found Candy

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    When I was born my parents had a labrador puppy. As I was a sickly baby they decided they couldnt look after the pup so they gave it to the army who gave them a retired GSD. 14 year old Hero. He died when he was 18. I still remember coming home and seeing him and telling mum that he wasn't waking up. I was about 4 and a half.

    The we got Angel. A GSD. He came from a breeder but those were different times. When we left to come to Australia he was 18 months old and was given to the army. He served as a munitions guard dog and was apparently magnificent. I think leaving him behind is part of the reason I am so attached to my dogs now.

    Then we got Barack - that was 22 years ago (sh*t lol) so long before Obama. He died when he was 11 and I was 18. I was devestated. A year before we had lost Billy - a GSP that had been with us for 10 years. He came from the AAPS.

    A few weeks - 6 I think - After Billy died we got Sandy. She was given to me on the street. I was told to take her and dump her and she never left us from that time. She was the first dog I trained. I used traditional methods with her.

    I had Sandy put to sleep last year at age nearly 14 - she was 18months-2 years old when we got her.

    8 months after Barack died I got Cappy who is now 11. Cappy grew up with Sandy around from the time he was 15 weeks old. He was the second dog I trained, with him I started traditional and moved on to positive methods.

    Cappy and I have a long history and special relationship. He is only now starting to think about slowing down - unless you get him a toy of any description and a chance to chase it.

    Not long after I got Cappy I started doing rescue seriously. I've had a few dogs through the place - Boss, Buzz, Buddy, Ziggy, etc. I learned an awful lot about dog through those guys.

    About 2 years ago I saw a dog advertised on DOL - I am banned but I can see the rescue forum - and I was friends with the person organising the rescue. The dog was skinny with no muscle tone in his back legs, no hair on his lower back or tail. He was in bad shape but the pound staff were a big wrap for him. Anyway, I agreed to take him, rehabilitate him and rehome him if he didnt work out.

    He was dumped in the pounds night cages by another so called rescuer who decided his skin condition was too expensive to treat - idiot. He didn't even need cortisone. He just needed a decent diet.

    Lucky - or unlucky - for Flash - he worked out. Flash bloated about 6 weeks in which was costly and devestating but I dont regret the money that was spent and am grateful to the people who helped with the costs even though there was a hugh blow up about it and people accused me of not owning the dog and having no vet costs (which is ridiculous considering Flash is very much alive and whinging).

    Middle of last year, just before I had Sandy put to sleep (I have trouble saying "Sandy died" still as she didn't "die" I had her put to sleep) I was asked if i could help with an older female gsd that had tumors and couldnt be rehomed. I didnt want another dog - life was already difficult enough with Sandy needing SO much care. However, the situation was such that I was really the only chance so I agreed to meet the dog.

    We fell hopelessly in love at first sight and so Billie came to live here. And stinky fartsy face is still here. She has a 6-12 month diagnosis. She is 8 months into that and doing well touch wood.

    So currently its 3 older gsds here - Cappy 11, Flash 9 and a half
    (August is his birthday I think - he's the size of a horse, he may as well have their birthday), and Billie 8 and a halfish.

    So that is my dog story so far.

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    when I was born my parent had a springer spaniel who although very well trained took an instant disliking to me and gave a pretend 'its me or the baby snap' at me.
    My parents gave it one more go but Cobber really went for me and had to go.
    (to a nice farm apparently area one not a "farm")
    To this day my dad wishes he had kept the dog. (seriously!)
    Had plent of bad do experiences untill last november when we got Cookie Sunshine our malteesex mini poodle who is 7 months and already knee hight that was some mini poodle! (named by my 3 yr old!)
    Its been a great experience so far she is great with the kids and them with her.
    Im just trying to decide what to get next (my husband says no more but he also said no to this one so....) I think I will wait till one 'finds' me.
    Thats my storey so far..........

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    Our first dog in Australia was a Golden Retriever X Labrador. As soon as I saw the litter I knew they weren't pure Goldie, but having a 9 year old in tow, I just knew I wouldn't leave without one of the pups! She was a great dog though, and we had her for 13 years. My next 4 dogs have all been Goldies - 2 I've had from pups, and 2 I've had for rehoming as mature dogs. I just love their smiley faces and beautiful happy disposition. They'll always be my favourite.

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    Isn't it lovely though the array of dogs we've had through our lives ( sorry you missed that intrepid part of childhood Mags )

    My very first memory of our first dog , Bertha,the Black Lab, was riding her ( *gasp shock horror in todays society* ) , when she'd had enough she would scrape us off on the wall of the house
    And she totally detested the Bread Man ( yes,they used to deliver - god thats scarey)

    Then came a little BLue roan Cocker , aptly named Snoopy. Loved that little dog to death but darn,thick much? But oh so cuddly
    Snoopy was still with us when I began helping freinds of the family show thier Goldens and thier sons ( drool) GSD.

    After we lost Snoop and I hit the 'rough' years the only dogs that factored in my life were my Aunts Dobes , I became the doted baby sitter of a once Oz Champion Polly *puffs chest out* lol! ( Apollo-cannot for the life of me think of thier stud prefix and have tried hunting the net for it with no success-we were and still are not what you would call a close family) also his sister Hella and the baby ,Babe lol!

    Then when I settled with my first husband we had ACD's and my darling red Dobe girl Saxon who a farmer thought to send to the Bridge though she was in OUR paddock as the next farms red KELPIE had been terrorising his stock.

    Then second and current (forever like ) hubby and I had Boxers up until around 6 years ago I guess now and the Staffs/APBT became our lives and passion.
    Could not own any other breed now I dont think , cept maybe another Boxer , ruddy clowns that they are Or a Dogo , I adore them!

    And I feel old
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    Mum and Dad were given a Maltese pup from friends of theirs who bred them at the time. So he was around from when I was about 5 to 17. Unfortunately my parents didn't really know anything much about dogs so we look back now and cringe - just about everything you could do wrong was done with Sash. *Sorry Sashie!*

    In the end he had to be put to sleep, I wanted another dog but couldn't get one cos Dad isn't an animal person. So i waited SIX years and now finally I have Taya

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    My parent's weren't really "dog" people. But we bought a house in Wentworth Falls (Blue Mountains) when I was about 5 or so. The people selling the house are old and moving to an apartment so an arrangement was made that their dog "came with the house". This seems really strange to me now, but I was little then so never really thought about it!

    She was Katie. A black Newfoundland. We adored her and although she wasn't young and never did much with us she was always right there next to us. She was like the dog Nanny in Peter Pan, she just always looked after us. Our yard wasn't fully fenced and no-one seemed to think much of it. Every few days she would walk down to the town (a couple of kms), sit outside the butchers shop and when he saw her he'd give her a big bone. She'd bring it home and eat it. . She was very well known in town and well loved.

    As she got old and arthritic she couldn't get around so much. One day she was hit by a car in our street. We knew something had happened to her but it took a week to find her, lying in her favourite sleeping spot in the neighbours backyard. I don't think much would've saved her at her age (she was nearly 13 by then) even if we'd found her sooner. It was like losing your shadow, you always looked for her and she was gone... There was local outrage but they never found who had done it.

    We didn't have another dog, but when I was 10 a lady used to come to school sometimes with a red and white Borzoi to pick up her niece - he used to stand up on my shoulders and look down into my face to say hello. I was in love... And he set the scene for me for life.

    My mum had a couple of GSD's when I was a teenager, a registered boy - Rommy - who she went to a a lot of trouble to get. He was nice but dumb as they come - a real thickhead. Not healthy, elbow problems etc, badly inbred and out of control, got expelled from the local obedience club etc... The breeders saw her and her money coming I think... She ended up getting a black GSD girl from the local pound - Tess - who kept him in check. She was fantastic, and worked her butt off controlling him - even in the yard.

    When she moved a long way she gave them away and she never really forgave herself as she always had a nagging doubt that maybe they hadn't been looked after - although the people seemed to know what they were doing.

    After I met my husband we had a black Belgian Shepherd x Border Collie who we adored. When we had to go away for a couple of months we wanted to take him and family talked us into leaving him with some friends - told us it would be better for him and we shouldn't be selfish. We visited once and he tried to get in the car with us - broke my heart. They let him out on the farm shortly after that, couldn't be bothered keeping him in the yard and he was killed on the adjacent Highway... (I'm crying writing this...).

    We never forgave ourselves for leaving him behind, and we learned a tough lesson for life - your dogs want to be with you, no matter where you are or what you're doing. I wish he hadn't had to give his life to teach us that...
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    When I was 1 mum and Dad brought me a Fox terrier x chihuahua Missy.
    Throughout the years we had quite a few dogs which were brought home by my brother. All staffy crosses. (teenage boy thing?)
    My parents found good homes for all of them.(not their home!)

    My parents finally let him get one and it was a bull terrier x Staffy. There was ne left in the litter and they went back and got her for my other brother.
    They called them Beau and Tye. (Bow Tie?) lol
    Beau ended up killing Tye in a fight over a tennis ball. I have posted about it in general so wont go into detail here.

    My brother ended up moving to Melbourne and couldn't take him so we kept him. He became my dads dog. My dad is quite sick so it worked really well having a dog with what is wrong with my dad. He suffers severe depression, PTSD and wouldn't leave the house until Beau was there. He went off a lot of his meds after a while as the dog improved it so much

    Missy ended up getting sick suddenly and we put her to sleep at 19.
    Only a few months later Beaus kidneys failed. (last year)

    That was the first time we had had no dogs. They left such a big hole.
    Then we began a search for another dog. My dad didn't want another one but I persisted as I knew it would do him the world of good.
    This led us to Kimba. <3

    Gosh even that was hard to type, bringing back the memories of my much loved dogs. RiP Tye, Missy & Beau xox

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    Growing up our first family dog was Buster, a gundog that my dad used to take duck hunting. He was good at hunting which made him a not so friendly pet. He used to guard his food very aggressively and one day my sister went too close to him while he was eating and he went for her throat. My dad had to have him put down after that, decided it wasn't worth the risk with 3 kids around.
    Then we got Sammy, not sure what breed he was, bit of a mixa. He was really mouthy and a family friend who didn't have kids ended up taking him in. After Sammy was our German Coolie, Smokey. She was used to herd the dairy cows on our farm. She ended up falling pregnant to a Border Collie down the road and had three pups (one died after birth coz it was born with a brain abnormality). I know your probably thinking : "why wasn't she desexed?!!!", but she was a farm dog and alot of people think dogs don't work as good if they are not true dogs or bitches. When we moved to a smaller property Smokey stayed on the farm with her two pups to work for the new owners. She was a beautiful dog but Coolies are really focused workers and she wasn't the greatest dog for kids (not her fault though!).
    Then a friend of ours moved overseas so we took in her dog, Benji, who was also a mixa. She was absolutely gorgeous that dog! Was the best friend you could hope for. All she wanted was love and nothing else. When we adopted her she was already fairly old, not sure exactly how old, and she was with us for a fair few years until she had to be put down because of her health.
    Then i was given my baby gizmo for my 10th birthday ( i think?!), he was a cairn terrier. He was very protective of me and didn't really get along with anyone else, i adorded him though as he was MY first dog. He ended up falling ill and passing.
    Then there was mum's dog Molly, a maltese x shitzu, little fluff ball. She is now living in QLD with my uncle who fell in love with her when he was visiting and had to have her.
    Keep in mind all of these dogs were when i was a child, so i had no control over what my parents decided for these dogs. As an adult i now understand a dog is a LIFELONG committment and not just a temporary phase. Our boys are members of my family. I have alot more love for them compared to some human members of my family!

    When i met my now husband, we got Mack. We still refer to Mack as our first born (hope my daughter doesn't resent us for that when she gets older!). Mack was a amstaff x bulldog. He was a beautiful boy but for many reasons (another VERY long story) he became extremely aggressive towards people and dogs and had to be put down last year against our wishes but for the safety of others.

    Now we are left with our dopey but adorable 2 year old rotti, Diesel, and our new baby Border Collie, Monster. Both of which i hope are with us for many years to come.

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