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Thread: Your Doggy History!

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    well theres seems to be alot of sad stories here and i mose well add mine and my first post.when i was born we had a maltese x chiwawa her name was Tess,she was my sisters dog and was the most behaved dog ever she became my bestfriend when i was 6,we would play together alday long and i would give her special treats,at that time we lived on 500acres and she would love goin for a swim in the dams and troughs i remember most days she'd come home smelly and muddy.when i was about 8 we bought another maltese x his name was ziggy,evil little dog he didnt like me much but loved older people,we only had him for about 1 1/2 years before we gave to him my nan for some lovin as my pop had recently passed away of lungcancer,so fastforward till early last year we still had Tess and she was about 16-17years old,we noticed she had gotten a lump near 1 of her nipples but didnt think much of it as she didnt seem in pain over the next couple months it got bigger so we took her to the vets to get it checked out,turns out it was cancer so we had to get her put down,it was a very sad day for me as i never got to say goodbye to her i ran into my bedroom and didnt come out for 2days i was so upset i loved to that dog so much RIP tess shes now lives at her favourite tree at our house,about 4months later much to dads disgust we bought a new dog a ****zu we named him woki hes now goin on nearly 2 years old and we love him dearly and his best trick is bellyrub cos its the only one he knows haha i hope to buy a new pup early next year

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    Im another one who never really owned a dog... I'll explain!!

    We always lived in a apartments central melbourne growing up, and always had a cat Tara.. loved her to bits... Unfortunately when my grandmother died (whom we lived with) we had to move (the apartment was to be sold and divided into 3 for her daughters). Mum wasn't expecting to have to move (as she was the only one who cared for my grandmother, but meh family what can I say?)

    We moved into this poxy flat in a really bad area that was on the 13th floor... Tara was my grandmothers cat, and she pinned and pinned for my grandmother.. We caught her many times on the edge of the balcony ready to jump (no birds etc), she wouldn't come inside anymore (she was only ever an indoor cat) and she wouldnt eat... She was 17 yrs old and mum decided it was best to put her to sleep on the vets advice that essentially after 2 yrs she was slowing dying of a broken heart... This shattered me at a young age (4 or 5)

    About a year later, mum bought another place and we moved there, she bought me a maltesse (or ****zu? i cant remember) named Max.. he was loveable and playful and everything you could ask from a puppy, but it wasn't tara and i just wouldn't take to him *mums words* he stayed with us for 4 yrs, but apparently during this time i wouldn't have a bar of him (i actually don't recall much about him only photos and seeing him on camcorder)... Our neighbours at the time already had 4 of the same dog and when we moved (into another apartment closer to the city for mums work) she offered to take max for us... We visited heaps apparently but i still pinned for Tara some 5 -6 yrs after her death (scary really)

    We had 2 more cats that died of internal bleeding after being hit by cars inbetween that...

    Now we have chloe I have wanted a dog ever since I moved to W.A (some 5 -6 yrs now) but i didnt have the time with having a young child and i also didnt know a lot about dogs etc...

    After 2 solid years of researching breeds which would be appropriate to our life style, talking to breeders and rescue places and the good old internet we agreed on 4 diff kinds of dogs.. GSD just happened to be one of them (and i must say my fav but i didnt expect to get one)

    From that agreed time, it took us 18 months to find chloe.. We had some personal stuff (flying over east) we had to do which prolonged the looking, but i was adement (sp)we were getting a rescue dog no if buts why or anything.. I found heaps that sounded like they suited us, but when called up had issues we couldn't contend with (didn't like kids or cats, or were agro towards men, some were snappy, others were big jumpers and i was too worried about our fences the list goes on).. I was actually getting really depressed about it and thought perhaps this isn't for us, and decided that i was going to scale back my search (from looking at pet rescue and calling the rspca 2ce a week) to sparingly..

    Well on the friday, chloe's profile showed up... And that was it.. Without even consulting my other half i was on the phone to a lady named nicole begging her to tell me more! At that stage she hadn't tested chloe with cats (which i was worried about) but said she would when she got home, and for us to come up that night (it was 10:30 at night!!)

    Well chloe was interested with the kitty cats but more scared then anything (still is LOL)... the minute we saw her we just KNEW she was for us... She behaved so well (better then she does NOW LOL) and was relaxed and to be honest she chose us no doubt about it..

    We brought her home a week later and haven't looked back since.. The bond I have with her is unbelievable, she really is another child to me (as weird as it sounds), when she was hurt we were all in tears, and so worried and the heartache i have only ever felt when my daughter was in trouble did i feel for chloe...

    I know there will be a day (long way away i hope) when chloe wont be in my life anymore but i honestly cannot imagine life without her

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    When I was born, my mother exclaimed, "Oh My God !! Thank Goodness That's All Over !!"

    When I was born my mum asked where the scotch was :P :P

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    Ive only ever had 2 dogs in my life that were actually owned by my family.

    Lots of other dogs that werent owned by us though!

    My dads first dog and our first family dog was a long haired Border Collie, his name was Shepherd or shep for short. Shep wasnt bought as a pup - dad bought him as a 6 month old part trained sheep dog. He was magnificent.
    When shep was 12 he tore his cruciate ligament, broke his leg in four places and did a fair bit of muscle damage when he went to jump a fence. Unlike many farmers out here who would shoot a dog whod injured itself (no matter how good it was) Dad spent over $10,000 getting shep better. It wouldnt usually cost that much but he had a whole lot of complications.
    He died at the grand old age of 16 after giving us 11 and a half years of good sheep work and 4 years of being an old pet. Towards the end shep got sick alot - the vets didnt know what was wrong and one day he went and layed in his favourite spot under the bottle brush tree went to sleep and never woke up - He is buried in that same spot.

    The Next dog was my dog - Max, another border collie. Dad hated him because he couldnt get him to work. but hed do anything for me. Max became very aggressive at the age of 3 after a stupid little kid came visiting while we were out and beat the hell out of him (this is a dumb 10 year old boy whod id beat the crap out of if i could) we came home and the kid was still there trying to stir the dog up. Whod expect someone who lives 50 kms away and who is ten years old to drive their drug addicted fathers ute to your house to beat your dog?! Max was never the same again - he was loyal to his family but started of being aggressive to young boys - it progressed t all little kids and then all little kids and grown men. We had to lock him in the dog yards if people came over. Unfortunatley at the age of 5 max was posioned by someone i dont know who and i dont know why. i honestly wouldnt be surprised if it was my parents as they always threatend to shoot him

    I was heartbroken. Only now 6 years down the track am i looking to find another dog, even when i think about max it still breaks my heart.

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    Well I am a sad story...

    My parents would not let us have any pets until I was about 14 when my grandmother gave us a budgie she bred. Joey was amazing could imitate any sound including dad's modem. sadily she died at home from oviarian Cancer (who knew a budgie could get ovarian cancer) after that a few fish whom always seemed to get sick and die...

    About 3 1/2 years ago I was walking out of the carpark at work when I came accross a red and white dog. She proceeded to follow me to work. A collegue and I caught her and called the ranger, no collar and no chip. 2 weeks later and a lot of begging with mum I bought home Cassie. My dad did not talk to me for 3 months after that. He did not want us to have a dog.

    Cassie was a handful but after a lot of training, including myself doing the NDTF dog trainers course, she is a lovely Dog that my dad now loves dearly and invites home all the time.

    6 months ago I moved in with my partner and he bought with him his nearly 4 yr old Border Collie Buster.

    I now also Foster with Shar Pei Rescue Vic Chapter and am currently looking after Moby.
    Dogs Aren't Our Whole Lives, But They Make Our Lives Whole

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    I have had a few dogs growing up

    First we had a gorgeous golden cockaspaniel and then a grey and black cattle dog...

    Now we have our adorable husky, who is 2.. and so well behaved, especially around my son who just loves jumping around her, and being overly loving to her!

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    The two dogs I remember growing up with were a rottweiler and a maltese (not at the same time, the rottweiler was when I was really young, the maltese came later)

    The dog I have now (staffy) is the first dog I've ever owned. I am in love with this breed and I am hoping to get another one in the next year.

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    Keeda is my first and only dog. I've always wanted a dog, but my parents never allowed it. In Ukraine the only pet I was allowed to own was fish. In Alabama we took the step up to a cat. Finally, in Australia, I was allowed a dog!

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    No long story here

    Family had a boxer - Suzie, when i was born, she was PTS when I was 8

    We got Major - Red Cattle Dog- then Zeus - SBT - shortley after that

    We lost Major and got Duke, British Bulldog, Then I got Atlas (and moved out)

    We lost Zues, and got Spook - Aussie Bulldog

    I then got Kaos (in my own house) and Duke passed away.

    we have only not had a dog for about 6 months between losing suzie, and getting the boys
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    In order of appearance.
    Bassetthound *Childhood
    Bloodhound* Childhood
    stray mutt *Childhood
    APBT* Adulthood
    Ridgebak Mix*Adulthood

    Short stories,
    Bourbon the Bassett wanted me to to eat lizards like him,. No kidding he told me to eat the whole thing, so I tried and he LHAO at my expresion so I said i would just stick to the tails, he agreed that was probably for the best.

    We also shared the Good O's.
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