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    I never bothered to introduce my dogs - HOW DARE I!

    Those who know me would know I lost Sandy about 6 months ago - made the decision to have her pts as her body had finally failed her completely.

    Just before she died I was asked to find a home for an older female GSD. Knowing Sandy's time was coming to an end (and had been for months) and knowing how hard Cappy would take it I said I would look at this new dog. Problem was the dog was aggressive with the foster carers own female GSD and had tumors so couldn't be rehomed. It was another last chance club dog basically.

    So she came here and I met her and we fell in love. She spent the first 5 months here sleeping on my bed (winter/spring) but I kicked her out in summer - too hot lol.

    Billie is a wonderful dog - wouldn't swap her for the world in its entirety! She does have irritating habits - like sitting ON YOU not near you and wanting food ALL the time but she is the one whose face I see first when coming home, she is the one who climbed into my lap and lay on me as I howled after Sandy died and she is my little warrior - biggest little bark

    Flash came here about 18 months before Billie. I wasn't on DOL but I did see him there and I knew one of the people organised in his rescue. Flash's story was that a so called rescuer - I believe I know who - had him and a dachshund and had dumped them both in the overnight pens at a shelter in the Hunter valley. Flash had severe dermatitis - I mean severe - no hair on his tail or lower back - very little around his joints. He also STANK. I said he could come to my place and if he didnt work out I would rehome him - initially Cappy and Flash wanted to kill each other - Cappy being reactive and Flash being a dominant male who wasn't used to being shouted at by another dog. Flash also has degerneative mylopethy which means he probably wont see out next year - it's like MS in dogs - he may not see this year out.

    About 6 weeks after he got here Flash bloated - 360 degree torsion - not expected to live but what the hell, we gave him a shot - $5000 later he is still here with us. People couldn't work out why I cried in the movie Marley and Me lol

    And then there is Captain. I usually introduce him first lol. I got Cappy at 15 weeks old 11 years ago this April. He has been my trial by fire in dogs. He wouldn't eat, is reactive with other dogs and people and STUFF (mostly my fault due to bad handling and listening to the wrong advice) and he is the reason I went to positive training.

    I adore my dogs and though I am planning on going overseas in the next couple of years I will definitely be taking cappy if his health permits. I doubt unfortunately that the others with their health probs will survive til then and if they do they both have places to go to live out their days.

    I tried to upload photos but this thing is not being co-operative. I'll upload some to my server and post at some point - I have to update my dogbook as well so I may post that lol

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    I love the sound of your dogs.

    The new girl sounds like an absolute treasure who perhaps was destined to come into your life at an opertune time.

    Look forward to seeing photos
    GageDesign Pet Photography
    Site still in construction so will post link when it's finished.

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    Thanks for posting.
    I love hearing about how much people receive from their dogs.

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