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Thread: Gypsies Talking!

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    Default Gypsies Talking!

    ok so gypsie is one smart cookie, and everything ive taught her she has picked up easily.. but i could not for the life of me teach her to speak1 well my OH has (grrr ) (not really).
    so now she speaks on command YAY.

    she has never been a talkative dog, in fact she has been a very quiet dog, however since OH taught her to speak she has become very talkative!

    if shes bored she whines, if you tell her we are going for a walk and you dont get ready fast enough she ooorruuffs at you, if you are too slow making her dinner she tells you about it!!...its so strange!!

    Has anyone else had a similar experience??

    oh yeah and when you say speak she has to do this funny bunny hop with all four paws in the air and woof when shes in mid hop!!

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    Very cute. You've unleashed a closet chatterbox by the sounds of things.

    My setter has a big mouth, she talks, grunts, woo woo's etc etc. Will sing along with sirens and musical instruments, much to s/daughters dismay.

    I always get the diner time hurry up which is why they often don't eat until 10pm
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    OH's border collie talks all the time! We call it 'doglish'. Very cute, but not so much at six in the morning when she's talking about getting everyone out of bed.

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    I want to teach Taya to talk but keep forgetting to give her the command when she does actually make a noise!

    She is a real talker; she moans and groans more than anything else. She talks when we are getting ready for a walk, if I stir her up lol, if we have stopped for too long out on a walk; 'Come ooooon lets go!' she says.

    Laura your saying Gypsie whines when she is bored reminds me of my friends dog - also called Gypsy, also a GSD lol. Gypsy does the longest, loudest groany whines when she is bored it is sooo funny. There's just no mistaking what she is thinking!

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