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    On Friday my friend and I took the dogs for a walk. We were near a lake and decided to walk through the reeds to what looked like the shore of the lake. Well, Taya went to investigate - walked onto the 'shore' and promptly sunk tummy-deep into disgusting sludge!! Poor thing was a bit worried - she started going in the opposite direction and I had this image of me having to go and rescue her. Luckily she turned around and made it back. There was a black trail where she had fought her way through the sludge.

    My friend was about to walk onto the 'shore' when Tay tested it out for her!

    We thought it was quite funny!

    And two weeks ago my friends and I were walking along a boardwalk which goes across a shallow swamp. All the dogs were looking up at the ball which my friend was holding. Taya was the only one we weren't keeping and eye on, and she fell backwards into the water

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