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    Ok, a few of you may have kept up with the Atlas stories I have told on DOL over the years. Those of you that dont know, well... i dont really know where to start

    Atlas is 6 years old, he is a Male Bull Terrier and was put on earth to drive me mad and send me broke.

    Over the years it is amazing what he has gotten up to, i have come home to a beanbag killed in my yard (4 years later my neighbour and I still find white balls from time to time) he has taken the mirrors off the side of my car, chewed almost everything in my house, books, shoes, bedding, cds and dvds, and anything else he can get hold of. He has dug my yard up from one end to the other and has had a few trips to the vet for suspected blockages -thankfully none needing operations on.

    He also had a trip to the vet when the pink blankie he ate came half way out his bum... and stopped... yes, i took my, at the time, entire MALE Bull Terrier to the vets to get a PINK blanket that was half hanging out of his bum removed.

    With all of this, he still managed to pass his test and be allowed to go into nursing homes! (The first Bull Terrier to do so)

    There is so much more that I am sure I will remember, i have blocked so much out

    Atlas normally does not do much, he likes to sleep and chew, that is it - he hates walking, he hates doing anything that requires moving.

    When I let him inside he will walk in, walk over to the bathroom door and head butt it to see if it is open (he likes to eat the toilet paper) if it isnt open, he will go to bed. When he goes outside he will walk over to the door, I will open the main door, he will head butt the screen door to see if he can open it, then waits for me to open it.

    Tonight I got home and let him inside. I think he is drugged

    he ran in, slammed into the bathroom door - not shut - did mad zoomies around the bathroom almost taking one of the cats out, got the roll of toilet paper... then ran off while i tried to catch him - he has NEVER done this, normally i can walk up and remove it from him, but tonight he was playing chase!
    When I got it off him, he ran off and started to pounce on Bella - who hissed and told him off, then he ran around the house and ended on my bed doing circle work, he then did another zoom around the house and is on the lounge next to me... he has a crazy look in his eye and i think he is about to do another crazy run around the house!

    No idea what set him off, but it is so funny to see my lazy man going nuts! It is a normal thing for Kaos and the cats, but not Atlas! I wish I had a video on him!!
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    I love Bull Terriers when they go nuts. Funny that he's so wild tonight - maybe it's the cooler weather?

    I got stuck watching crazy bull terrier videos on youtube recently - they are hysterical!

    Here's a good one, it almost makes up for you now getting a video of At tonight!

    YouTube - Getting home is exciting...Bull Terrier Hucklebutt

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    Crazy Atlas, maybe he has eaten something

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    Ohh, I will look tomorrow, I'm on my phone now and can't do videos he has pretty bad arthritis in one of his feet, the cold weather usually makes him pretty sore and he was limping this morning , so I have no idea what set it off !

    They are one of the funniest breeds I have ever met! Was at vets once and a bully came in, so excited to be there that he was screaming, I was almost on the floor laughing, atlas with me going nuts, the other people were backing away from us, the owner was so relieved to see i had a bully and understood, turned out the guy was a friend of my brother and the dog was atlas uncle. They often ask how is it I got a boring dog and they the crazy one and if I would like to swap LMAO
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    Pands, there isn't much left for him to eat outside anymore!!
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    I am sure being Atlas he would of found something, somewhere, somehow to eat lol

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    Maybe he ate the garage? Will check that tomorrow!!
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    PMSL, I bet there si ahuge big whole there, he had a big feed, got hyper on the bricks then came inside and did zoomies

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    OGM......REALLY scared.......Romeo is due home this week!!!!! What have I got myself into????
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    Good luck

    you will need it :P
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