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Thread: Not Having Much Luck with Dogs

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    Default Not Having Much Luck with Dogs

    If you don't like bad dog stories *********
    PLEASE DON'T READ.... may upset


    I have not been trolling the forum recently as I’ve had one bad dog incident after the other. I’m not happy with how things turned out and im not sure if there is anything more I can or should say.

    Story as follows:

    At my partners home we have 2 small puggle dogs and 2 labs.
    My boyfriends brother bought his lab down for Easter. This dog is lovely, we have wrestled with the dog, played fetch and it knows loads of tricks- he is also great with smaller dogs. Ley is apx 10 years old, desexed, he was previously from a small family home with a child and was adopted by my partners brother, as he moved down to coma and needed a companion.

    ley is deadly scared of storms, so as it started to get cloudy my partners mother bought Ley inside with the two puggles.

    I was in charge of watching/playing with the four younger cousins. After many games of hide and seek I retired to sit in the lounge with lizzy (puggle) on my lap as ley was walking from the kitchen to the lounge.

    Tara is the youngest cousin being 5 decided to ride on leys back like many times before. AND MANY many many, times before we have told her to not treat the dogs like this. Sadly this time we were too slow.

    As she stepped behind him/ on top of him and went to hug and kiss his face, ley just snapped and pinned her to the floor growling. He started to bite into her face and not let go.

    I panicked, and without thinking about safety grabbed inside his mouth (you don’t think when it’s a little girl) The brother pulled Ley off Tara. My boyfriends mother covered herself over Tara during the attack, lizzy was still hanging from ley and would not let go, everyone was distressed.

    Tara was rushed to hospital, sadly she does not have private health insurance – two hospital travels later we ended up in st george from wollongong. (anyone from Sydney who does not have health insurance they are the only hospital that has plastics!) No other doctor wants the responsibility in sewing up a young girls face.

    With dog bites they do get infected, and you will need to keep the face moist if you ever sadly find yourself in this situation.

    She is very, very lucky he missed her eye, and after the plastics guy stitched her up she is very very lucky that she was not disfigured. Sadly though there will be scaring, but we believe that over time it will fade. Half her face will have lines, but we are told there are procedures later in life that Tara can do.

    The Dog Ley was not put down. The brother has promised to muzzle the dog around guests, walking and is never allowed to be around children again. The mother has told him that if it bites again they will have no choice to put the dog down.
    The actual mother of the child, has no ill will towards the animal as she see’s it as an unfortunate accident.

    The Cousins are locked inside the house now when they come over so they cant go play with the other two labs, as they try to sneak out into the yard with unlocked doors.

    Since the incident Ley has been in Coma and has not returned.

    As Ley was such a beautiful friendly dog, its hard to trust any dog that size around anything smaller than it. I love dogs but this has truly left me devastated.

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    I hope everyone will be alright at the end of this.

    It's hard to say anything, nothing will turn back time and make things right.

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    I hope everything works out ok for you and your family.

    IMHO its an unfortunate situation for both the dog and child.........I hope neither are psychologically scarred.

    Hugs to you and your family......

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    I was almost not game enough to read this thread but thought I would take a peep and am now replying

    Anyway, I hope everything works out, and that it works out how you would like it to.

    Thinking of you.....

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    Firstly I am not trying to have a go at you- of course you in no way MEANT for what happened to happen, and it would be truly traumatizing. You DO have my sympathies.

    However I have been learning a lot about how to handle dogs (I want to be a professional grade dog trainer), and there were several things you said that according to what I have learned are big "no,no's".

    You want to REALL know what your doing if you have a pack of dogs. I believe dogs should not be allowed to roam freely in packs. I mean you would want to have complete control over your dogs, and be absolutely certain that they consider themselves less than humans (including children) in the pack. You want to know their temperments EXTREMELY well. Personally I would NEVER allow a child of that age in a multidog pack environment, and if I did I would be absolutely sure I had control over that childs behaviour in regards to the dogs. Personally I would never even allow my 2 year old Labradore around a 5 year old child, and if I did it would be under strict supervision- and I wouldn't allow it if I had any doubt the child did not understand how to behave around the dog.

    Obviously you need to be asking yourself some questions about dog ownership, but what happened to you, could happen to many people, but could have been prevented. I am not trying to attack you at all- the past is in the past. I am just trying to challenge you to look at the situation and learn more about handling dogs and their pack instincts. YOU are the pack leader, YOU must be in complete control of your dogs, and ANY kids!

    Best wishes for the future!
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    I know months have passed and I am sorry for the little girl.
    But I cannot help myself. No dog should ever have a child on it's back, nor hug around their necks it is a huge risk. It's all about educating children how to be around dogs.
    This should not have happened and since the dog was already stressed from the storms should have been put in a calm environment. It was not the dogs fault.

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    Poor dog. It's all your fault unfortunately. 5 y.o kid can't just be told not to do something. It is your responsibility to remove kids away from dogs (and vice versa) if they are too rough. It is not pleasant for a dog to be ridden, hugged and roughly handled. He put up with it for a long time until he couldn't do it any more so he did what is naturač for dog to do - he defended himself. I am 1000000 % sure the dog was giving all sorts of signals and warnings but you just failed to see them.
    Respect and you shall be respected. Animal is always right.

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