I was just out walking and was coming up behind a couple walking a Rotti. We stopped so the dogs could say hello. Taya loved him, she even tried to instigate play which she hardly ever does!

We walked and talked-

It sounds like they breed (their bitch has just had a litter) but are not registered because she made reference to 'when you buy from registered breeders...'. But they obviously care about their dogs - they vet all prospective puppy owners and they recently drove to Collie to rescue the boy they were walking and his sister who were treated really badly. They had to cut the boy's collar off and the girl has been beaten
Oh and they are against selling puppies in pet shops. Their bitch had 11 pups, only 3 were sold individually, the rest were sold in pairs.

The dog was lovely & friendly. I loved his big fat head lol. She said he has a gorgeous temperament, loves other dogs, and has only barked once since they've had him. When he was a puppy if you crouched down he would climb into your lap and fall asleep nawww.

So now they are looking for a home for him. They said they would love to keep him but they already have 3.

I want him he was just gorgeous!
In any case I'm glad he and his sister were rescued from his horrible owners!

Anyway that was a long pointless story but just wanted to share.