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Thread: Have U Always Been Besotted by Animals?

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    Have always had cats or dogs, grew up on a farm til I was 8 so had plenty of chooks ,cows , lambs, pigs, budgies and a magpie. Mum would ask the dog when she wanted one of us kids and he would bring us home.
    Even when I was where I couldn't have pets I tamed a couple of sparrows. Got caught one day with one sitting on my lap, I got 2 days in solitary for that, (bloody nuns, whole other story)
    Have always wanted a horse, maybe one day.

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    I've always been an animal nut too.

    I've owned dogs, guinea pigs, chooks, a duck and mice. When I was a little girl (ok, until I was about 14) I really, really wanted a horse. Never got one though... Haha when I was about 4 I was pestering my Dad that I wanted a horse. He asked me where I would put it - I said we would just tie it up to the telegraph pole on the front lawn. Being 4 years old, I figured all horses needed was grass to eat, so therefore the lawn would be a fine place to put it. My Dad has never let me live it down.

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    I've always loved animals.

    My main passion has always been horses. I think I got this partially from my great granddad who owned racehorses and my nana who also loved horses
    I have always been insanely jealous of people who own them, and when I was younger I hoped that young horse owners really appreciated the fact that they had one!

    My first animal obsession was fish, then it was birds, and now I'm dog obsessed

    I've always liked dogs but I think now that I have one of my own (not counting the old family dog here) I have truly realised how much I like them. And they are slightly more obtainable than horses lol.

    But I've promised myself I WILL own a horse before I die!

    Edit - I almost forgot the crazy crabs lol

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    Have only ever been without a dog for about 6 months out my life. Could never imagine what life would be like without one.
    Had cats as a kid but grew to learn of the destruction they cause to native wildlife when not kept indoors or in cages, so no more cats.
    Had horses for a couple of years and loved them dearly, especially my old pacer, "Percy" was like a dog almost.
    At the end of the day dogs win hands down for me, the love and appreciation they show is something you can only recieve from a dog, no other living creature comes close.

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    I am definately an animal-lover!

    I grew up with a Rottweiler - a much loved and gorgeous dog named Kiezer. He died in 2006. We got Boof when I was around 9yrs old and obviously Mollie just a month or so ago!
    I have a 160L tank with my fish, a 9" (Still growing!) Oscar, named Aussy! I have had him for about a year now Have kept MANY types of fish and have bred alot of them.
    I used to own rats - I bred them too (Mum agreed when I showed her the list compiled of people who would like to keep the babies!) Bilbert, my first rat, died at a staggering 5yrs old! (Rats usually die around 2-3)

    It seems like forever that I've wanted to be a vet. When I was around 10yrs old, dad explained that vets did operations and I would have to do that if I wanted to become a vet. I was a bit uneasy about that!
    Now I am 15yrs old and am set on becoming a Veternary Assistent! Perhaps getting used to a job as an assistent before moving on up to a vet! I have been atlking to mum and she has been ringing around for information on TAFE, etc while I am still in school!

    Sorry, babbling, I tend to do that when I am talking about animals! x
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    I have never had a day in my life where I have not been around animals. I'm 20 and in my life I have owned:
    12 dogs (7 currently)
    15 cats (12 at the moment, all rescues, we help or vets out)
    200 fish ( I breed them)
    29 rats (used to breed them, don't have any now)
    16 birds (7 at the moment)
    12 rabbits (5 at the moment)
    8 guinea pigs (2 at the moment)
    9 mice (don't own any now)

    When I was 9 dad found a mouse nest under our avairy the 2 babies in the nest were only about 3 days old so were hairless and had their eyes closed I begged him to let me keep them and he said that I could as long as I looked after them. Mum and Dad thought they wouldn't survive that day but they did and I hand raised them on a mix of condensed milk and cows milk with a little syringe, I attened a country school and we had raised magpies and even a few lambs from the farm next door there so the principal let me have them at school and we even stopped class when they had to be fed so everyone could watch. They ended up living in our classroom until the ripe old age of 4.

    Sorry for the long post.....

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    I have always had animals, when I was born my family had a boxer, when she died we got a Cattle Dog then a Staffy, from there I got a cat (many cats - only one at a time but they were all killed on the road ) we also had a heap of birds and fish.

    I used to spend my weekends with the animals, cleaning their beds out and stuff. Always been an animal nut
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    No I don't think so, we had a couple dogs and a couple cats, I did fix up a stray dog once, skin and bones, worms falling out of it, ticks and fleas everywhere.
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    Well, can't say I've always been besotted.

    I grew up in Singapore, where having anything bigger than the size of a small dog/cat meant that you had to be well off enough to have the land space for that animal.

    While I was growing up I dabbled in being an animal-lover by having hamsters. And a rabbit. But they were too small and twitchy and I couldn't find anything in me to love something like that. The rabbit was sent off to the local SPCA (or maybe to the local butcher...) after a few months, and the hamsters died of their own accord.

    It wasn't until I moved to Australia and had Dion with my partner and fell head over heels in love with that tri-coloured puppy beagle with pink paw pads and big floppy ears and white tipped tail. Nowadays I'll happily let any dog lick my face.

    Still working on liking other animals as much though - the only cats I've encountered are overweight and apathetic in Sydney, heh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bohemiannic View Post
    .....don't mind the smell of puppies.....!
    I love the smell of puppy breath.

    Yep, here too always been an animal lover, from mice to snakes to dogs, fish, cats, birds. Not fond of bugs, spiders or anything crawly but I still shift my feet so I don't tread on them.
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