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Thread: Mully's Story RIP Beautiful Girl Xx

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    Default Mully's Story RIP Beautiful Girl Xx

    I am sure you are all quite confused about Mully having to be put to sleep.
    I am feeling a little better at the moment and will try to tell it as honestly as I can.
    Please do not judge me or Mully for the things she has done be it either because of breed or any other reason. I honestly believe my family and I had done everything to prevent this from happening and I do believe that she was very ill and unhappy within herself.

    Mullys Story
    So as you all know Mully had a litter of 8 puppies on the 6th of December 2009. This was her second litter.

    I was worried as to what her reaction would be as Mully was rescued from an abusive past and we had been dealing with her aggression issues for approximately 2 ½ years. I am sure also a lot of you are aware of the circumstance with Mullys first litter.

    Things were running along quite smoothly until approximately 2 weeks ago when during the early hours of the night she “raided” our pantry cupboard. She took the food back to her litter. I woke to the sound of the most horrible guttural growl and honestly thought someone had broken in. I jumped out of bed, shaking Brad to wake him, turned on my bedside lamp and Mully was growling at her pups. Alarm bells started ringing. I would have made excuses for this behaviour if the puppies had been attempting to get at her food. However all were lying peacefully asleep.

    Me and Brad discussed it and put it down to a “1 time incident”. I truly wish I had followed my gut feeling on this.

    A few days before the pups turned 4 weeks old Mully stopped feeding. Therefore she was separated from them.

    On Saturday of this week I went into the backyard to give them some fresh water. Mully started to attack Tyson our 10 year old Stafford X. He was in the submissive position crying and squealing. However this was not deterring her. I proceeded to clap my hands loudly and say “Mully, No”. She stopped immediately and cowered, tucked her tail between her legs and came to lie in the submissive position at my feet. I bent down to check Tyson for wounds and she immediately went from the submissive position to lunging at my throat. Thankfully I got my hands in the way and yelled for Brad who restrained her in the shed. I only came out with some minor scratches.

    On Monday this week whilst I was at work, Brad let the dogs inside. He took precautions for the pups and shut our bedroom door. Somehow Mully has opened it and attacked one of the puppies. We took the pup to the vet that day and fortunately it wasn’t too serious a wound. However due to the bacteria on Mullys teeth an abscess has formed on the underside of her neck.
    The vet made an insertion with a needle to prevent the wound from closing and we now need to bathe the wound and give her antibiotics twice daily. I was made aware by the vet that there may be something inside of the wound and therefore the antibiotics will not work. This pup whom I have named “Inka” was then isolated from the litter to reduce the risk of making the infection worse. I have my fingers crossed for this little girl.

    At this point I PM’d Cleasanta as I needed some guidance and was at my wits end with what to do. I was also struggling as Brad really thought there was a way to stop this and refused to have her put to sleep.

    On Tuesday night Cleasanta spoke with Brad and I on MSN and discussed these issues with us. She had also come to the same conclusion as me. There was no other way.

    Brad and I made the decision that if his brother could not take her we would do the right thing. His brother was well aware of the circumstances and would have liked to give her a loving home but unfortunately couldn’t have her due to his house mate’s dogs.

    On Wednesday I got home from work at 6pm. There was not a pup to be seen and my back door was chewed to pieces. I knew it was Mully who had done it and immediately went outside to investigate.
    As soon as I went outside I was greeted by 5 excited little pups. The sixth pup crawled out from underneath the BBQ and was neither excited nor stable. It was staggering as it was trying to walk toward me. I picked it up and the poor thing had also been attacked around the face and throat. As I was holding the pup Mully came around the corner of the house with blood on her muzzle. I didn’t move. She took one look at me and ran to hide. I took the pup inside and bathed the wounds and stopped the bleeding. I wrapped her in a blanket and called Brad to tell him to come home straight away. I have named this little girl “Kibou” by request which means hope in Chinese. It is pronounced “Keeboo”.

    I went outside and started the job of collecting all the pups and putting them back inside. One was missing. I could hear the pup mewing and followed the sound to the shed. I opened the door and went to the back, Bailey followed me in. There was the little pup wedged beneath the pallet Brads work bench rests on. I lay down on the ground and was trying to coax and un-wedge the poor pup. Mully came around the corner of the car growling and lunged at me. Thankfully Bailey got in the way and things got rough. I managed to get Mully off of Bailey’s throat. I grabbed the pup, Bailey and Tyson and went inside.
    Bailey is still growing so has a lot of loose skin around her neck, so only has some fur missing; no wounds.

    I rang Brad and told him it was time to make the appointment. It was made for 6.45pm yesterday.

    After we went to the vet with Kibou we each went outside on Wednesday night to spend some time with Mully although I wouldn’t do it without Brad present. I was honestly scared of her.

    Now I can only hope that this issue will not be carried on to her pups and all the new owners will receive money back for getting them desexed. I put all my love and caring into both Kibou and Inka and hope that they will pull through. Kibou has passed the “shock” stage now and we now wait for the next part which is within approximately 10 days she may get an infection. I can only hope that by bathing Inka her abscess will go down too.

    Perhaps now you will all understand why I am relieved it is now over for Mully. I hope you all understand that she was mentally ill and it was not something that I could fix. She was not happy with us and wouldn’t have been with anyone else. This was my last act of kindness to her.

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    Dear Judge,
    You are very wise, Mully must have been going through hell with mental illness. Something you cannot predict in animals or humans. My prayers go out to you and Inka and Kibou and the the rest of your tribe.


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    Oh Judge, I am so sorry. You definitley made the right decision, don't doubt that. She was obviously not right mentally & now she can be free. Good on you for trying for so long with her, you really are an inspiration, most people would have given up a long time ago.
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    I'm so sorry you've had to go through this

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    RIP Mulls

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    Believe me when I one here will judge your was brave...unselfish and the kindest thing you could have done for Mully

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    For sharing your story with us. It is just so so sad that these things have to happen, but you definitely have done the right thing. You probably persevered longer than some one else would have, out of your love for Mully.

    RIP Mully, your demons are gone now, run free at the bridge.

    I truly hope the pups are ok and recover from their wounds.

    Take care Judge
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    Be gentle on yourself and each other, you have done the right thing thinking of you

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    Aw Judge such a painful decision to make and I agree you have done the right thing...
    Thank You for sharing such a delicate subject with us...

    Noone here is judging you...

    I am sure many of us would have done exactly the same thing

    I hope the pups survive and become a nice reminder of their mum...
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    I know it probably doesn't help any but under the same circumstances I would have made the same decision as you & Brad.

    Was it because of her past? Was it hormonal changes? Was it both? Who knows? Truly it doesn't matter. All the what ifs, buts, maybes and should ofs again don't matter.

    Give yourself credit for doing the best for Mully. She is free of her demons.

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