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Thread: Great Day in the End!

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    Default Great Day in the End!

    Went to the dog beach today for a picnic and our poor little Tedd got a little brown tick in his ear, i noticed it quickly enough that it hadn't attached itself in yet and then our other dog Rex got his front two paws bitten by bullants, he wasn't too happy, so we thought we should move from there so we went for a nice walk down by the shore and they were both happy as! Rex forgot all about the ant bites and I don't even think Tedd realised he got a tick, he was so happy by the water! Rex used to hate walking by the shore as he absolutely hates water, but the past couple of times we've taken him to the beach he's actually wanted to walk in the water. Now they're both crashed out from a long but fun day!

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    Glad to hear the day got better!

    I think that sea water is an old fashioned cure for bull ant stings, so maybe he had his paws in there for a reason!

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    I goto the dog beach down in wollongong and there are people that leave nails/bottles in the sand. Im always on high alert also with bugs. but im glad Rex was okay =) =)

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