Today Me, Mum and her friend Mary (Sherwood the Schnauzer's mum) went down to a park at the lake near our place (I actually met them after they'd had lunch). We walked the dogs a short way, and turned back. When we got back to the park the dogs had fun in the water. Sherwood was bounding around like a nutter. Taya wanted to get the ducks - a couple of times she swam out to get them, but turned back after a little way. Then she went in again, and spent about 5 minutes swimming around chasing the ducks. She was really far from shore! This was the first time she's gone swimming without me encouraging her. She just kept going and going - I had to yell at her to come back in. If a duck flew past her she'd turn around and I had to call her again.

Meanwhile Sherwood's swimming was terrible - all front legs, splashing everywhere!

The dogs even played a little tug of war with a big stick Sherwood pulled out of the water.

We were all laughing so hard. They had so much fun