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    This morning I was in my room getting ready to take Tay to the beach. Next thing I know, she's walked into me... I fall onto the bed in agony but laughing at the same time (a few expletives may have been uttered). Meanwhile she puts her front end on the bed saying to me 'come ooooon what are you doing? let's go!' Never mind an apology! lol

    I have no idea what she did but she really hurt my ankle - got just the right spot. It still hurts, 5 hours later!

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    It's not too late to give it a bit of the RICER treatment - rest, ice (10 mins on, 10 mins off), Compression bandage, elevate and I forget the last R.

    I sometimes refer to Frosty as special Trip dog, because she likes to "head" people and dogs, first she nudges their bums (having learnt nipping is completely unacceptable), and then she runs across the front of them and trips them up. She's still doing it to dogs, but not so much to people - unless it's me playing chase-me (not chase-the-dog). Makes me practice "propping and zigging", all good for strengthening the muscles around the dodgy knee and for hockey.

    She's always walking into me or stopping just in front of me. And I just shove her along. I think it's her way of making sure I'm there like a blind dog feeling her way. Except she's not blind.

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