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    Thought I share what happened last night….

    I used to clip Ziggy’s nails – no problems. But since she had her surgery she didn’t let me near them. Every time I got the nail clipper and one of her legs she bolted and run away from me hiding. As a consequence her nails were way to long and so I asked the vet yesterday if he could clip them. He started and when he tried to clip the second nail Ziggy screamed big time and it was impossible to hold her still (he didn’t cut the quick, he didn’t even cut the second nail…) Well, the vet said we have to sedate her to clip the nails and I made another appointment for that also asking how much it is going to be. Answer: 130 bucks!!!! OH was with me at the vets and on our way home he was talking to Zig (yes, talking to Ziggy) “Are you crazy??!! 130$ for your nails???!!!”

    When we got home he got the nail clippers and was making a big fuss about them. Well long story short, by now the nail clipper is Ziggy’s new favourite toy . We continued playing with it the whole evening and we got her to even lie down between us with the nail clipper while we were touching her feet. At that point I got GSD4Ever's fish treats and started giving them to her while OH was clipping her nails! That was the first time he cut the nails of a dog and he did great job! Cut one too short but Ziggy didn’t even realise as she was too busy getting the fish treats out of my hand.

    I still can’t believe what a brave girl and man I have
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    Can you guys come to my place to cut Leos nails!? LOL Same issue here. We have tried the whole lets make it REALLY fun, treats, pats, praise, but to no avail. But will persist (Knowing you have made it! )
    But mean time i think the staffy ball is going to have to come out this weekend to be played with on the concrete and wear them down a bit

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