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Thread: Its Me or the Dog......

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    Well, I don't know where to start... But Seb (OH) said something on Saturday that sums it up pretty well...

    He said: I get myself a shirt and written on it is "less kisses for Ziggy, more for Seb"

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    Red face Its Me or the Dog......

    I thought this might be a fun topic to get views on....

    My dearest one at home reckons we have more dog food in the house than human food. The latest complaint is that there is a basket full of different treats for the puppies but he can't find a square of chocolate to have with his coffee.....

    So tell me, what's your....its me or the dog...story....

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    we are like that with our animals too, I'm always being told you run after them enough without having to spend more $$$$ on them. I think its a bloke thing, like to worry about our spending habits. Not that I spend a lot mind you cause I'm fairly thrifty as we both live on the disability pension but eh lol

    We make do but I love to spoil our pets rotten.

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    because chloe has only been with us for a few days i don't have any 'its me or the dog" situations.. But i do have it with my partner and our cat..

    Loki (cat) likes to sleep under the blankets for 30 mins each night to get warm, shes 6ish so getting on a little, and i see nothing wrong with it... He on the other hand thinks its outrageous and wont let it happen.. Both the cat and I have devised a way to let her get warm and he doesnt know...

    If he found out, he'd go ballistic, but as soon as hes asleep she comes in on the other side of me, and when he leaves for work at stupid oclock she jumps in for a cuddle for the 2 hrs before i have to get up..

    What he doesnt know wont hurt him

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    Me and my dog have issues with who gets to sleep on/in my bed.

    One morning I got up to follow her out to the back door - let her out, and went to do my thing in the bathroom, and when I got back to the bedroom, she was curled up on the warm place I'd left in my bed. Serves me right for not pulling the covers back up after I got up. I don't think she'd actually done anything outside, she'd just nicked my spot in my bed.

    Other me or the dog - in fact my family has a command for "get out of the kitchen" - it's "You or Me" with a dramatic finger pointing OUT. I use this one when I'm carrying boiling water from stove to sink or kettle to stove... It's for her own good but she really doesn't appreciate it. She usually does accept being told because if she doesn't she gets squirty bottle treatment or put outside until I'm done and when she was really little I'd put her in the crate. Better than crash landing on her with a pot of boiling water though.

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    I would take the dog anytime! I actually enjoy shopping for my two. I spend a lot more money on their food and toys than on our meals. Mimi always checks my shopping when I get home and she goes bullistic when she finds there is something in there for her .. I open the bag in question and she plunges her face in to pick up the fluffy squeeky toy and runs up the stairs to tear it apart not before squeeking the h*** out of it!

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    I often get home from work I tend to greet Paw-Sha before my other half......after giving her Big hugs and kisses, cause I just can't resist the wagging tail and whole wagging rear end, thoes happy bright eye and the BIG smile she gives me when i see her. I turn around to see my boyfriends sad face looking at me, love the dog more than me! LOL

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    Hmmm, the fact i buy all Leos meat first, bag and freeze. Then i buy our meat, accordingly to what what will fit in the left over freezer space

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    My oh used to complain to me that Floyd gets better meals than him, so i got so sick of he's bitching that i finally got him back... i served him exactly what i feed Floyd... RAW tripe, roo, beef, chicken, chicken neck, lamb neck, raw vegies all mixed up & nicely dished up on plate & served it to my oh for dinner etc..... my oh soon shut up & stopped bitching

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    well even after our dog tried to eat the OH he still pays her more attention than me and tells her how pretty she is i get nothing NOTHING he deserves to get eaten

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