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Thread: My Lucy, My Girl

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    Default My Lucy, My Girl

    Hey everyone.

    I'm having a hard day today, I'm feeling so overwhelmed from the loss of my old girl Lucy. I felt like I needed to get what I was feeling out of my head to try and feel better, so here it is.

    My Lucy, my girl

    My little girl
    So small and white
    You always made
    Everything alright

    Your ears so soft
    Your eyes so bright
    You kept me safe
    And warm at night

    You made me smile
    You licked away my tears
    I wish I could have held you
    For a few more years

    But you were taken
    Much too soon

    I try not to cry
    I put on my brave face
    I need you to come back
    And fill that space

    You never left my side
    You loved your belly rubs
    There was never a dull moment
    You were always giving hugs

    I still can’t believe
    I wasn’t there to say goodbye
    I guess this is my chance
    So I’ll give it a try

    I miss you, my girl
    Each and every day
    I still feel you around me
    I wanted you to stay
    I guess I’ll never feel
    Your velvety fur again
    Until my time comes too
    And I join you up there

    My Lucy, my girl

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    If I Just Lay Here, Would You Lay With Me And Just Forget The World?

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    Aww that's lovely Ally

    RIP Lucy

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    That is such a beautiful poem.
    So glad you could share it with us.
    It is lovely to be able to get things off your chest,
    remembering times that have past.'
    Just remember she is always with you,
    and will wait patiently till she sees you again.
    in the mean time, give Saxon, Axle and Oscar a BIG HUG!
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    aww what a beautiful poem, thank you for sharing

    RIP Sweet Angel Lucy

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