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Thread: Bubble Gum Mishap

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    Red face Bubble Gum Mishap

    Ok, last night I took Paw-Sha for a walk to the local video shop to return some DVD's....I tide her to a pole outside the store while I went in. When I got home I noticed bubble gum stuck to her fur! . It was stuck pretty good and I didn't want to just pull it out and hurt her....So out came the sissors and a belly rub from my BF to steady her and keep her calm! Now the poor love has funny looking chuncks taken out of her fur....I am hoping this grows back fast as she looks a little odd at the moment!....Thought I would share as it is a bit funny.

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    aww poor Paw-Sha, i'm sure still looks gorgeous with a patch of fur missing

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    Stupid bubble gum!

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    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Bubble Gum

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