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    Default Rebel Candy!

    Candy is sooo cheeky atm! Come the afternoon when the kids are home from school...she's hanging to play out in the yard...but when the kids are busy doing things inside and paying no attention to Candy...she'll go into the girls bedroom and steal their toys.....prances past the girls to get their attention, then she bolts outside so they chase her to get their toy back

    It's soo funny to watch!!! LOL
    Other times...when she wants to come inside but I have the laundry door closed...she'll push shut the back door so she's locked in the if to say to me..."hey, I've shut the back door, now LET ME IN!!!"

    Another thing she's getting TOO good at is detecting when we are going for a walk. Sheeesh, we can't even put our shoes on without her going nuts!

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    Lol what a cheeky girl
    It's amazing what they pick up on isn't it!

    Taya does the same with walking, she knows which clothes I wear. And if I put my runners on if I'm not going walking I feel so bad because she gets all excited.

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    Frosty is bizarre when it comes to walks. She likes being at the oval, and is getting more enthusiatic about going for walk to get there (stops and sniffs things). But when I put my dog walking kit on - she goes instantly into "bark chasey" mode. Ie her most favourite thing is for me (or anybody or any doggy) to chase her while she barks a lot. So it's a bit hard to get to the oval where there are plenty of good chasers when I can't even get the lead on. So I have to resort to various forms of trickery. Like pretending I'm not going for a walk at all ie sitting at the computer and typing.

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