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Thread: He's a good dog

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    Default He's a good dog

    Koda knows that even if the gate is left open, he is not to leave the backyard without permission. He's so good!

    To test whether he'd follow me or not, I got ready for work and headed out the gate to the car as I usually do in the mornings... only this time I "forgot" to shut the gate behind me. He's such a good boy for not following me!

    The first time i realised he does this was when I walked out the gate heading for the grooming room to give Koda a groom... i didn't call him to come because I thought he'd just follow me.... It wasn't until I got to my grooming area that I realised he hadn't followed me and was patiently waiting at the gate for me to say its okay for him to come.

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    awesome.well done
    Pets are forever

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