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Thread: Silly Thing Your Dogs Do

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    My girl, the size of a cattle dog, believes she is a lap dog and will climb up on your lap and curl up into the smallest ball and go to sleep... Either that or attempt to lick you to death... ew!!!!
    Dogs Aren't Our Whole Lives, But They Make Our Lives Whole

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    The whippets, who have a mound of bedding, like to re-arrange it using their mouth, pulling the blankets and pillows until its in one heap, then Gemma will walk in use her feet to rearrange it all thinking it's a game and the look on the whippets faces when they have to go thru the process again is priceless.

    Gemma's most annoying habit is hiding her food bowl (if we forget to remove it) and nudging visitors in the groin - not very lady-like.

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    Panda - that gate situation is hilarious!
    sooo many other funny dogglets!!

    Dexta: well he does a guaranteed "happy dance" after he poops.. no matter where he comes running up to me prancing, chest out, kinda waddling looking at me with a great big staffy grin so chuffed with himself! no other moment does he run/prance/waddle like this.

    with out fail he hates his bed/s washed.. he sulks when I strip them down and air them out.. then with his jumbo bed he jumps straight onto it and pushes all the stuffing around so the bed then consumes him.. this goes on for a bit, then he gets comfy making "constipated like" squeaks and grizzles.. finally he stops with a grumpy look at me letting out huge disapproving sighs.. how dare you make my bed clean & fluffy!!!!


    he also finds pillows or stacks of pillows when cold and gets under them.. some how balancing them on his back/side
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    Lol Banjo has so many funny perks. The way when we are eating on the couch he moves closer and closer to us so slowly before placing his little head right on our laps next to our plates- He does it all casual like :-D
    And the weird noises he makes- i swear he purrs! and weird little growls.
    When we get in bed he tried to dig us out hahah
    Funniest would be how he jogs... He does like 'goose step' hahaha he keeps his to front legs entirelly straight so they go out side to side haha. hard to explain but it looks so hilarious :-D

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    Every night I go to sleep and Millie is asleep in her bed.
    Every night I wake up in the middle of the night and she is in my bed under the covers over the top of my feet.
    Every morning Millie is under the covers head on my pillow.
    When she realises I am awake, she jumps out of my bed into her bed, curls up and pretends to be asleep!
    She's a funny old chook! LOL!

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    At every night around 9pm, I walk into Mum's bedroom to set her alarm for the morning and find Teddy sitting on the pillows waiting for the doona cover to be lifted up.

    I usually wake at various times through out the night, to grab a drink and almost every time I see Teddy sitting on the end of mums bed watching me through the darkness.

    Every morning once the alarm has gone off I awake by the soft, smooth, SALIVARY tongue of Teddy... He knows what the alarm means, he wakes up mum, then moves onto Damon's room, then Thomas' room and then my room. He does little hallway duties and wake up calls.

    He is such a sweety and you always feel safe around him.

    You may be wondering why I posted this here, the simple answer is because it is just so funny to awake and go to bed by this..

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    I have read this whole post pissing myself laughing. Hubby was wondering what was happening as I have had tears streaming down my face. The gate story is just so funny. Just thinking about it makes me laugh!

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    Charli is my boyfriend's little Lhasa Apso. Adorable, teeny, affectionate and full of personality. She most definitely believes that she is Alpha dog to everyone but my boyfriend's mum, J. She absolutely adores J. Follows her EVERYWHERE. She will be sleeping and if she hears her voice, she bolts and tremors because she is so excited. Charli will sit on the couch watching her every move.

    Last night, Charli did something naughty so J told her off and kicked out of the house. When Charli was let back in, she walked past J and totally ignored her. When J called for her (sitting only a metre away) throughout the night, she pretended she couldn't hear her, but came when called by the other 4 members of the family and was her usual affectionate self with everyone else!

    I think she made her point!

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