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Thread: My dog is a bit special...

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    Default My dog is a bit special...

    Caught Koda red handed (red pawed?) munching on some chicken layer pellets today!!

    I accidentally left the bag in the back-yard when I took it out of the car. Koda ripped a tiny little hole and was happily munching away on these layer pellets I don't know how long he was eating them for, but there doesn't seem to be too many missing.

    Such a weird dog, lol

    Reminds me of that time i caught him eating a dead blackberry plant... thorns and all. He loved it, chewing it thoroughly and swallowing it, and he didn't appear to have any cuts in his mouth after eating... I still don't know how he achieved that! Every time i try to move a blackberry plant, I end up with cuts all over my hands and arms.
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    Good source of calcium

    good source of vitamin C?

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    LOL ,.... if he starts laying eggs now you'll know why !!

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    Ha ha, I was notorious in my family for getting down the back shed and eating chook pellets by the handful as a 3 or 4 year old. Hard habit to break, but the effects weren't all that obvious.... Though worrying for my mother after she found a brown snake behind the sack of chook pellets in the shed. I never went on to lay eggs or reproduce either chook or human, so no harm done. I always reckon my odd cravings as a child were a response to a pretty typical white bread, meat and 3 (mushy) veg type diet typical of an Aussie family at that time. I can still remember the odd taste and dry, mushy texture of chewing chook pellets, and that was 50 years ago!

    I progressed from chook pellets as a toddler to other oddities when a little older - such as coming home from primary school and heading straight up the back to the lemon tree, where I'd peel and eat a few lemons before dinner. I was in my element when our population started changing and Greek, Italian, Indian and Jewish friends changed our experience of food forever.

    Gee, I almost feel like a handful of chook pellets now, thanks for the memories Koda!

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