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    I'm on my way back home there is a busy-ish road to my left, train tracks to my right and me and my dog wedged in between. As you may or may not know my dog is not a big fan of either cars or trains so I do not usually take this route but he is getting better so I thought it would be a good opportunity to desensitize him.

    One of those big-ass noisy diesel trains go by and my dog goes into "oh-shit" mode. I want to keep going for a bit, wait for the cars to clear and then I'll cross the road and get away from them both.

    Lady with her kid comes in her car and stops at a give way intersection.

    There's no other cars at that moment but she does not move and I'm wondering when she will so I can cross the road. I can't actually see into her car very well and my dog is about to go berserk so most of my focus is on him.

    About 15-30 seconds later I try waving her on but she does not move. I'm bewildered at that point and so instead of crossing the road in front of her (just in case she does decide to move) I walk around her car. Only when I have gone safely around her does she decide to move after giving me a quick dirty look (could be paranoia, I have a good reason for this). There were no other cars during this weird/awkward situation.

    Should the lady have gone ahead (as there were no other cars) or was she right in waiting for me to cross first?

    I reckon she should have just gone. Much quicker, safer, would have allowed me to get off the road and away from the train.

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    I think she was right in letting you go first. That way she knows the road is clear and can keep an eye on you/avoid hitting you.
    That's what I would have done myself.

    Maybe I'm not visualizing the scenario properly though...

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    Lady with her kid comes in her car and stops at a give way intersection.
    Most cars I see do not give way to pedestrians at give way intersections. Usually the pedestrians are on a footpath and the area the car stops and gives way in - straddles and blocks the footpath anyway. While no car has the right to run over a pedestrian, I think the pedestrians are supposed to give way to cars.

    If I am near a pedestrian crossing where different rules apply and I don't want to cross immediately - I move away from it and make it really clear that I'm not intending to cross. A bit like looking at a bus and then making it really clear it's not the route you want ie the bus driver sees you look then turn away or back away from the bus stop.

    If I saw this lady stop when I did want to cross but I wanted her to go away - I would turn and walk away from the intersection.

    Trouble is sometimes it's some dumb driver who is playing with their phone or their kids and not the traffic or pedestrians and they can proceed without looking when they've finished getting their kids to behave or sent their text message. I never want to be anywhere near one of those.

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    If she wanted you to cross, she should have made that clear to you. I quite often let pedestrians cross in front of my car when I'm not obliged to, but I will gesture at them and make sure they've seen me. If they are distracted or give me a "no" wave, I'll go. It's very annoying when people just randomly stop without making it clear what their intentions are. I would probably not have crossed in front of that car either.

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