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Thread: Zeppelins Last Day of Life :(:(:(

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    Unhappy Zeppelins Last Day of Life :(:(:(

    My life with Zeppelin had emotional moments, but the worst was the day
    when he went to rainbow bridge.....

    It started with the normal morning routine of me getting up out of bed & letting Zep out for his morning toilet run & play.
    I had returned home from driving the kids to school as usual, but this time Zep was not there to greet me when I walked around the backyard.....I usually heard the sound of his collar ID tag jingle-jangling against the studs of collar.....I called out for him a few times & I began to panic because he had still not shown himself. I kept looking for him for & I did find him lying under the box trailer. I new something horrible was wrong with him.. because he never just lays there & not greet us. The unhappy look on his face told me to get him to the Vet ASAP, ever tried to drive with a 20 kilo Stafford on your lap. I got to the Vet & had to wait for what seemed like eternity.. 10mins actually, while waiting Zep did his usual thing & walked for the door, I thought he wanted to go to the toilet, but he struggled to walk back to our car, guess he just wanted to go back home. After some 30min check-up & the usual health ?'s, the Vet suspected poisoning, so the Vet run some blood tests..the results were anemia / internal hemorrhaging. The Vet also took ultra sounds & Xrays.. the results were shocking..Zeppelin had a tumor that had nearly engulfed all of his stomach., his liver & kidneys had start to fail also. The Vet had suspected the tumor had only just erupted a few hours ago, for the life of me I could not understand how he didn’t show any physical / emotional signs that he was very sick, Vet told me that is a Stafford’s trait- they are very strong, stubborn & don’t like to show that they are unwell. Zeppelin was put on life support & more tests were being run... I was sent out side & to wait, during the waiting time, the Vet had come to speak to inform that it was to late to operate.. the tumor had done too much damage to his organs, and he has only 5% survival rate & Zep may only have a 1-2 hours of life left.....

    Well from that moment on I was in shock so to speak. I was given the option of ending Zep’s life humanely, at that moment I just wanted to be with him & couldn’t make that decision to end his life at that moment.
    The Vet was so kind that she allowed Zep & I to use her own personal office during his last few hrs or so, I did not want him to die in a cold sterile environment.
    I sat there just holding him on my lap, talking & crying to him for what seemed like eternity... he kept on looking at me sadly - but happily at the same time.. he was so brave even his tail gave a little wag. I think Zep knew this was going to be our final farewell.

    I know I had to make that horrible decision... I did not want Zep to suffer anymore pain, the Vet had gone to get the liquid of death, while the Vet had gone... Zeppelin had given me his biggest smile - he rubbed his face against mine... I swear there were tears in his loving eyes..... he then took his last breath. I felt it & his last heart beat against my stomach..... from that moment on I was completely numb.

    I wouldn’t even stop cuddling him.... I held him for about 20 minutes longer.. the Vet had to take Zeppelin's body from me..

    I decided that Zeppelin would be buried under his favorite sunny spot in the garden. The Vet had prepared Zep's body for home burial.
    I was in such an emotional state that the Vet rang my husband & arranged for him to pick up Zeppelin later that afternoon,
    My husband & a few of his Tradie’s had came home to prepare Zeppelin's gave.
    We held a funeral for Zeppelin later that afternoon... even the big boy Tradie’s found it very emotional..... I don’t think I ever seen big boofy tough beer drinking men that quiet before.
    We buried Zeppelin's collar - lead - harness & his favorite chew stick with him.

    I know I will never forget that dreaded day...the day I took alive Zeppelin to the Vet & I left the Vet alone....with only Zeppelin’s collar & 12 loving years full of fantastic fond loving happy memories.....

    RIP “Zeppelin”

    November 1995 - 10th August 2007.

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    Your story made me cry, and I can sympathise with you as well. I lost two of my babies on the same day due to snake bites. I wasn't even there to say goodbye to them, I was away and I got the dreaded phone call ....

    It's never easy losing your best friend, but Zeppelin will always be there with you, he will always be by your side and in your heart.

    R.I.P Zeppelin
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    If I Just Lay Here, Would You Lay With Me And Just Forget The World?

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    Such a sad thing when a loyal member of your family dies.. I send you my deepest sympathy..

    " When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight."

    R.I.P. Zeppelin

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    Thats a very sad but sweet story AF, I can sympathise with you as well.

    When lost our dear old SBT Bernie (18years young) a few years back and same as ally, I wasn't even there to say goodbye, and I was in an important meeting at work and hung up on the dreaded phone call not realizing what it was. My OH was so distraught, he called me once only and didnt leave a message or anything of course. I got home and found him still distraught and crying over Bernie's body with our old bichon Max sitting next to them, saying im just never there, why cant I answer my phone when he needs me to Of course he didnt mean it and was extremly upset, having owned Bernie since he was a boy, so i understand. But it still sits badly with me till this day. You are very lucky you had the chance to spend the final moments with your beloved boy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern Harmony View Post
    Oh.. and i hope you all know (particularly you Deb) that i was joking about the pain in the a$$ comment. I was just trying to make a lighthearted joke to make you laugh! You are a very nice person and a most inspirational dog owner and lover. Cheers zac.

    aww thank you Zac for your sweet words & for trying to make me laugh, its greatly appreciated & i so need to laugh today as its been a shit day for me so far

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    Awww...You're so sweet Southern H,

    Aussie Floyd!

    Ok, you've made everyone cry, great! but seriously, Sorry for your loss. I lost my 1st Stafford 'Riko' exactly the same way. He was my best mate since I was 13 till 24. He was fine, not showing any signs off illness until the silent killer exploded.
    The others are right, at least we had a chance to say goodbye. I had mine drugged up with pain killers, bought him home for his last sleep, laid with him on the floor all night. I talked to him, cried and just held him till the morning.

    "The loss is immeasurable
    But also immeasurable is the love left behind
    Rip Zeppelin

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    Leo & Mags..i'm so sorry to hear about your losses, omg losing our pets is like losing a member of our family
    sending you girls my deepest sympathy & big hugs

    RIP Bernie & Riko, run free at the bridge

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    Oh my goodness I am weeping now. I am so sorry you had to let your beloved boy go to rainbow bridge.

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