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Thread: Innotek Pet Containment System Really Do Save Dog Lives

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    Default Innotek Pet Containment System Really Do Save Dog Lives

    Anyone who has been touched by the tragic fires in Marysville knows only too well that it is not only the humans that are affected but also their animals.

    David and Leanne Stirlings home and 9 acre lavender farm was destroyed as well as their secure property fencing which kept their two Labrador dogs safely contained. Together with the personal stress of losing their farm and the added pressure of their loved dogs disappearing for days at a time onto a busy road, was too much for them.

    Owners of Innotek Australia, John and Colleen Holliday, kindly donated one of their systems to ensure the dogs stay safely at home. The containment system allows pet owners to create an area where their animals can roam freely, without being confined by a chain or being surrounded by a fence, Innotek Australia Managing Director John Holliday said. We are happy to help the Stirlings keep their dogs at home, without the added expense of installing new fences.

    Innoteks pet containment system works on the principle of a buried wire on the property in which the owner wishes to contain their pet. The dog is equipped with a special electronic collar that picks up a radio signal from the wire when he gets close to the boundary. He first receives a audible warning tone in his collar and if he proceeds further, a mild electrical stimulus that reminds him to stay in the safe part of the yard. Flags are positioned around the boundary area to help the dog recognise its new boundaries.

    Hundreds of dogs are killed, abandoned or maimed on Australian roads each year. We feel proud to fulfill our companys mission by providing a proven solution to Australian dog owners that keeps animals out of harms way. Peace of mind for the owners and freedom for the animal, Mr Holliday said.

    Innotek Australia can be contacted on 1 800 786 608

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    May i ask what sort of mild electrical stimulus it is?

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    Yes, I'm curious too

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    Would be interested to see what MattM - as a police dog trainer - thinks of these collars as training devices for the work he does.

    This person seems to be in every forum here advertising innotek products. Before ordering the product make sure that you are not liable for prosecution under the prevention of cruelty to animals act. Each state has its own - please google your states.

    See parts A and C
    Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986 - SECT 9 Cruelty
    for Victoria.

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    How is this YOUR dog story? Seems like a blatant excuse at free advertising to me!!
    Mummies little 12 years in the making..... and Daddies little ratbag!!
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