She is not nearly blind but I would say she is about 85% deaf. She can hear a sneeze or a really, really loud shout. Needless to say she cannot go off lead as she cannot see or hear danger until it is right on top of her. She can see a fair amount, Id say about 60% sight is there, maybe, its very hard to tell, as she has cataracts. If she was younger we would put her thru that operation, but probably not now, unless it worsens rapidly - difficult call.
I think she probably could see hand commands but in her 9-10 years, has never learnt anything at all, so kind of just looks at me bewildered. Considering that, she is pretty docile in some ways and very affectionate with me.
I will try the touch method and keep you posted.
Unfortunately Missy is the product of severe physical neglect all round.

But hey as I don't have kids, and am lucky enough to work from home, I have all the time in the world for dogs who are out of the ordinary : ) I see that as my first job. I wonder if she could hear a really loud clicker, wonder if there is such a thing..................??