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Thread: Lexi's puppy stories

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    Thumbs up Lexi's puppy stories

    When we first took her to the vet she was so excited she couldn't stay still she kept trying to reach every moving thing and when we took her in the vet checked over her and then when it was her vaccinations she got a needle that was meant to be really painful but she still kept trying to play with the vet and then he put some liquid up her nose and she sneezed it all over my mum and she always enjoys going to vets now because she got treats there.

    When she was starting to loose her puppy teeth there was a fly on the glass sliding door and she thought it was open because she launched herself at the window trying to catch the fly and she knocked out her front left canine tooth and it started to bleed and she kept licking up where it used to be.

    A few weeks ago we turned the heater on for the first time since we have had her because we got her near the start of summer and she kept trying to eat the air and when she tried to get it and got nothing she ran away scared and jumped in my lap so I sat on the heater with her and now she loves sitting on the heater.

    We usually take her to an enclosed park thing where everybody takes their dogs and once she bolted from the house all the way down to the park with my sister and I trying to catch her and she even stopped to say hello to a few people along the way and they didn't grab her when she got there she jumped on the gate and opened it and my sister and I had to try and catch her in there. Now she knows how to stay and come.

    If you say something to her and she doesn't know what it means she will go thought a few of her tricks to see if they're right she usually rolls over, shakes, begs, speaks or plays dead.

    Once my mum was sitting on the couch drinking a cup of tea and Lexi ran full speed at the couch and jumped up onto my mum making her spill the tea and my mum got burnt. O.o

    When she first met a big dog she was super scared and kept hiding behind people's legs but once she realized it was just another dog to play with she was wrestling it and having a blast.

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    Thanks for sharing your stories they made me smile

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    Amba, your love for Lexi shines bright in your post
    its made me smile too
    relationships with dogs are a wonderful gift

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    Great stories there Amba ......keep them coming. You'll get a kick out of reading them over again in a few years time when she's all grown up.

    You could use this thread as a diary as such.

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