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    Just feel like sharing the day I had with my dogs Banjo and Zelda and my cousins dog Ruby who I'm minding for a couple of days. Well they had fun swimming in the dam, splashing around and catching the water, Zelda sometimes forgets that she doesn't have gills and puts her face in the water I think to try and smell the rocks and little fish and things that are under there she pulls up real quick when she realizes she can't breathe

    Then on to fetch lessons for Ruby she still doesn't fully grasp the concept but she's getting there, at first she'd just chase the ball and leave it on the ground but then she saw Zelda pick it up and bring it back so she started to pick it up as well but she'd only go a few steps then drop it and run back to me. It got so she'd make it about half way then decide she doesn't want to carry it anymore. Ah well it's just a game.

    So Zelda will find the ball wherever it is (long grass, bushes etc) and bring it straight back Ruby will find it and carry it halfway but Banjo has no interest whatsoever in chasing a tennis ball round the paddock he's figured out an easier, less energy wasting way of getting the ball, wait until Zelda fetches it then steal it off her and run away with it turning fetch into a game of chase. But my solid little staffy x just can't compete with the girls when it comes to speed so chase ends with Banjo being bowled over but the prize stays firmly in his jaws until I tell him to cough up the goods which he does happily.

    Then fun times over time to go to work and deal with humans which to their credit are mostly pleasant but still don't bring anywhere near as much joy as the furry, four legged friends that are always there to greet you when you get home.

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    'Gem' - loved your story about your 'Happy Day' !

    Pups sure have the ability to ground you and get you doing things that are very simple but are very pleasant - like as you have said - throwing ball for them, watching them swimming and having fun or just simply going for a walk!
    Time is never wasted whilst spending time with your favourite pups !

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    Thanks Riley. Yep they sure help mellow you out whereas spending that much time with some people nearly drives me round the twist.

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