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    6 more days until I *finally* have my beautiful puppy in my arms! I've decided I want to start a blog/puppy diary for him, so that I can share his growing up with the rest of the dog community! Also, I just need somewhere to vent my excitment Ok! So my back ground with dogs, my TRUE love for dogs started in 2005 when my Dad and I purchased our first staffy pup, Barra, I raised him from the day we bought him home (it was either just before or just after christmas 05, but he wasnt a christmas present, just a welcomed member of the family), until I had to hand over the reins when I moved out of home in 2009, I cried so much that day because I would miss him. He is still around, and still going strong, but there has always been an empty spot in my home and heart, that no other animal could fill (I thought owning more animals would help, but it never has). So finally, when talking to my landlord, he told me (in a rather casual conversation about my work and this dog that I had been looking after), that it would be ok for me to get a dog. I dont think there have been sweeter words to my ears!! So from then begun my search for my dream puppy! My partner (who has two staffies at home), has wanted an Australian Shepherd for a while now, I was initially looking for one of those, but decided that they are a bit too stuck up for me, and that I shouldn't be getting a dog based on what he wanted. So I thought to myself, through all of the hundreds of dogs you have met, who have been your favourites, the answers were Samovar, a standard Poodle, Sha Sha, a standard poodle, Safin, a standard poodle, Kenzi, a border collie, Kik, a border collie, Maddie, a border collie, Trip, a border collie, Rusty, a border collie, Jardelle, a staffy x Kelpie, Darcy, a standard poodle. There seems to be a trend, poodles and collies! So my next choice, was do I want to have a dog that is going to be SUPER energetic and intelligent, or more laid back....thinking back to Barra, the staffy, I remembered how much I used to love to take him to the beach, so I decided on a Border Collie! Then begins the search for my boy! After a few weeks of searching, I finally find the perfect dog, a beautiful Merle border collie, who is EXACTLY what I am looking for (I wanted one with traditional markings), but then comes the dilemma of him being aaalllll the way up i Newcastle. I umm'd and ahh'd about it over a few days, then finally decided to bring him down to me with JetPets, which I have never done before. Can I say, JetPets has fantastic customer service, they have been very friendly, and helpful, and gave me a discount, without me having to ask for one, which was incredibly nice of them! So starts the count down! 6 more days!!

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    That nose is the cutest one i've seen

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    Very nice story I think you made a great choice in breed, as long as their energy levels are met, Border Collies are truly brilliant dogs!
    I'm not having a go at you (just genuinely curious ) but i was wondering where you got the idea that Aussies are stuck up? I've never heard that before, my Aussie is in no way stuck up. If i was in danger, Koda would do whatever he could to save me, even if it meant he was in danger as well. He's the most loyal dog i've ever had, never leaves my side to him i am what his life revolves around Aussies do tend to be more of a one person dog though.
    I usually just describe Aussies as bigger and slightly less energetic BC's who don't take their work quite as seriously
    Ask any Aussie owner to describe their dogs personality, and i reckon stuck up would be the last thing they would say

    Edit: i just had to add that i cant get over how adorable your pup is!! He's just soooo cute! hehe
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    Oh your puppy boy is just so beautiful! I'm so excited for you, i'm ringing up breeders today to search for our new baby girl and this is such a lovely idea Think I might do a puppy diary too when the time comes!
    Big droopy eyes, long floppy ears... I love Beagles

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    We have a boarder collie mix who we were told was mainly labrador, now though she obviously isn't. Be prepared to be herded when you take him for walks and be nudged at your feet ours does that all the time. She's 13 years old and has an unbelievable amount of energy despite her age. They are a wonderful breed though

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    Gorgeous dog, lovely breed, have a wonderful time with your pup

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