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Thread: They've started RAW! and extra's (pic heavy)

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    Default They've started RAW! and extra's (pic heavy)

    So.. I finally started RAW last night. I am quite shocked how one chicken frame can weigh, some can make one meal. It doesn't look like a lot to me but I know it is plenty. I have been fine with handling the raw meat, I didn't think I'd handle it so well since I dislike touching de-frosted raw meat but I've been fine so far. I'm looking forward to them enjoying a much healthier food then what I was feeding before.

    They had their first meal last night;


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    and a few extra's

    I LOVE this photo of her. I wish there wasn't crap in the background.

    I don't know why but i love this shot too

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    and a cute SBT that I am now seeing more and more at the oval.

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    Loving your photos !

    With the bones - in no time their teeth will be sparkling !

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    Too many to comment on individually, but your dogs are beautiful.

    I find it very satisfying to see a pet crunch bones. The most satisfying was actually to get a foster cat to eat chicken necks. She was only a small cat but she could eat a whole one in a few minutes. Used to steal them from Banjo's bowl. It was probably that practice that prompted her to eat half a rat she caught once when we were away for a couple of days too.

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    Thanks Riley! Thats what I'm looking forward to, sparkling teeth!

    Thanks Beloz It is good to see them crunch bones, they seem to enjoy it. Lol, that is adorable to know your foster cat would eat chicken necks within a few minutes. I bet she loved them! At least she got to enjoy the rat. Why didn't she eat the other half?

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    test edit.JPGTahlz,

    I copied your pic and saved it to paint just to illustrate how you can get rid of crap in the background.

    This is very crude (AND NOT FINISHED YET)- but I am sure you can see what I have done..
    I have just "selected" then copied bits of grass and pasted it over the leads, feet etc.
    You can keep going with this when you have time.

    I do not have photoshop or anything fancy like that.
    Murphys Law - the best photos of your dog always have mops, brooms or feet in the background.
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    Thank you Chubb! I love it. At least you gave it a shot, I don't see the stuff in the background so I'm happy.

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