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Thread: Lookin tough in spikes, fighting and cuteness!

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    Default Lookin tough in spikes, fighting and cuteness!

    Thought I'd share some photos. I got these spiked collars not to long ago. I know the risks of them playing in the collars, that was a one off thing. They don't play in the collars anymore.

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    Awesome photos Tahlz!! Love some of thier facial expressions when the pooches are playing together lol

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    What fantastic pics!! They have such awsome grins! I adore that very first pic
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    Looks like fun. That first shot is freaky !!! Mad dog, mad dog..... LOL

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    we used to put a collar like that on a cat we had that used to get in a lot of fights with possums and other cats. We tried keeping him inside but he used to get the most extreme diarrhea - with a smell like a volcano. And he'd bolt past anyone who opened the door.

    Anyway the thick leather collar with knobbly bits saved his life more than once going by the gouges on it.

    Those spikey collars on the dogs must be a bit of a hazard with your furniture, walls and doors? I mostly have my dog collar free at home.

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    Oskars mum; Thanks! I love the expressions they make, lol.

    Choppa and Sean; Thank you! I also love the first photo. I loved this pic when I saw it.

    Hyacinth; That was a smart idea to put a spiked collar on your cat, especially if it kept him safe. Lol, they don't do any damage actually. Except when I accidentally grab the collar.. Ouch. My dogs are collar free most of the time as well. Sunny only wears a collar when we go for a walk. Serenity wears a collar when I am not home because she must be on a zipline. Though, she'll be going in a kennel soon so she'll be collar free soon. I hate leaving collars on my dogs. If collars are on, it's only for photo reasons unless the photos are taken outside of the house or if I am to lazy to take there collars off if they needed them on for whatever reason. I took those photos in my room because I just realized I had gotten them and it was dark so I had to take the photos inside.
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    Beautiful action pics Tahlz, but afraid to say the studded collars dont make them look tough..they still look cute and adorable
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