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Thread: Morning pic of the kids :)

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    LOL Oskar chews pretty much anything he can get his paws on lol!!! They are cheeeeky pooches....Molly is so beautiful in person...gorgeous little pooch she is!!

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    She's not so much of a chewer per say, i leave the door open so they can come and go into the house as they please, can come home & everything is fine (except maybe the odd toilet roll :P ) the problem is she chews herself to sleep - most times, her own paws but now and again she'll chew up her blanket, or mine! (she holds it between her paws so i think she's chewing her own feet but she's not) I might find a hole somewhere once every two months, so not very often but i'm over seeing my fav duvets & blankets with holes in them. Mum thought it was funny until she had a chomp on her fav mink blanket too. Lol

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