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Thread: Luca Needs Home Very Intelegent and Smart Dog

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    Default Luca Needs Home Very Intelegent and Smart Dog

    Luca.jpgMy Friend Luca need a good home. He very inteligent and smart dog who can collect all his toys and put in the basket, Who can go for drinking water when you say go and drink water. can catch the boll and bring back and do shake hand and all other commands has done 6 month training. I am moving away and has leased house which is asking for no pets.
    Its sad i have to give him away hopefully if I win Lotto than I may not have to do this. Please contact me on 0433088049 if you want to get this dog his Bed and Food toys etc will also be provided with him. I will appreciate help from some one who want to get this great dog as he has done nothing wrong. Its just me throwing him away. He is very best dog. Very Very Good with Kids too.

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