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    Cyrus has had a few photo requests lately so here he is

    There are a couple of puppy shots, some show shots and whatever else I drug out from the depths of my computer haha

    He has changed a lot of peoples perceptions about Chinese Cresteds, they can be cute little buggers too not just motley looking ugly things like you see in movies
    He's an absolute hoot to live with to. The breed in general personality wise is somewhere between a dog, a cat and a monkey. They LOVE to climb, they love to do zoomies, but most of all they love to be buried under your doona.

    Questions I get asked the most on the street:

    You must own a lot of jackets for him? Not really, he has one that is made out of faux fur to keep him snuggly and one waterproof jacket, that's it until they wear out.

    Do you need to put sunscreen on him? Nope, the pink skinned ones you do but the darker skinned don't burn as easily.

    Are they naturally like that or do you shave them? They are naturally hairless, but some do get a fine fuzz over their bodies, a bit like your arm hair. The way the hair grows (head, feet, tail) is just how they all are though, same as the way people only grow thick hair on their heads.


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    Oh my goodness he's actually really really cute! So shiny! (sorry, but just as you said my only perception of them is what you see on tv, never seen one in real life before!)

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    Love Cyrus! He is so cute That last picture is adorable!

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    Cyrus is gorgeous, he looks like a movie star in the first photo ... I've never seen a Chinese Crested dog in real life, thanks for the photos

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    Thanks guys, I will pass on the love in the form of cuddles and treats

    I have wanted a Crested since I was a kid, even before I met one in real life, and Cyrus lives up to everything I hoped for, I'm very lucky to have him (And the 2 nutbag poodles too of course lol)

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    I have to say that Crested's are "not my type" of dog... But the last picture kinda won me.

    Also, your description about dog/cat/monkey has me wondering if my pup is part Crested! LOL - he is exactly like that.

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    The only crested that I think I've ever seen on tv was that one that won worlds ugliest dog. In previous post of urs I've quietly thaught really u show him picturing the other one. But looking at ur little fella I can defiantly see how cute they can be and how he could be a winner in the ring.

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    I just love the first one with the nutbag poodle in the background. He is looking quite mature and handsome in that one, lovely expression!!

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    So cute! I have a thing for hairless animals anyway. At an pet expo last week I met the sweetest hairless cat - and I totally want a hairless mouse - so nekkid! lol.

    Cresteds were on my shortlist of breeds, but I decided to get a rescue instead.

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    Could be D-Dog They're certainly crazy little things, though it's not a very nice day here so he still hasn't risen from bed and it's midday!

    The poodle in the first pic is Brody. He was very, very fluffy and I had just clipped his face so he was sulking in the background, made for a great photo op though

    A lot of people think of the worlds ugliest dog when you say Chinese Crested hehe When they're a good example of the breed they're gorgeous but when they not, well... The result is far from pretty

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