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Thread: First Day at the Beach

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    Default First Day at the Beach

    Took Fergus for his first day out at the beach a couple of weeks ago. He went absolutely nuts........

    Does anyone else have a lab which sticks its head under water (Fergus does it all the time - water buckets in off leash areas, his paddling pool at home....)


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    those are great pics, LOVE the last one! lol

    Thats so funny, I have heard of dogs doing that. Kimba is petrified of water (slowly building up her confidence) so theres definately none of her doing that.

    Looks like he had a lot of fun.

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    Brilliant shots !

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    Fantastic photos!!
    Ziggy was afraid of the water when we got her but now she doesn't mind it anymore (only when there are big waves). She walks around in it and sometimes when she sees something on the ground that she really wants she puts her head in as well. LOL It's so funny because she breathes out her nose when she does it and all you hear and see is bubbles

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    Great photos!

    We had a German Shepherd when I was a teenager - Tess. She used to stick her head right under like that! Especially after a stick - she'd just fish around and blow bubbles until she found it!

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    awww looks like so much fun

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    Aww, very cute
    He looks like he had a great he slept well that night!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozeymum View Post
    Aww, very cute
    He looks like he had a great he slept well that night!

    He could hardly get out of the car when we got home and crashed (almost) straight away (well, he is a lab - stayed awake long enough for food....)

    I think we maybe even overdid it a bit - he was a bit stiff the next day too, so next time not quite so long at the beach I think (it was really hard to persuade him he had had enough though)


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